Your Entertainment Center

At Soft Play, we believe that designing a high return play system for your family entertainment center depends on having a precise understanding of your needs. It’s no longer enough to have one-size-fits-all philosophy when it comes to designing the play areas that attract and retain customers. We understand what it takes to run a successful entertainment center and we are looking forward to sharing our expertise with you.

Soft Play is a key to a Successful Entertainment Center

Most of the playgrounds Soft Play creates are “Custom” designed. This enables you to assist us in creating the perfect playground that meets your play area objectives, fits your location and meets your customer and/or user demands.

Unique Designs & Play Value

We help FECs custom design play environments for the area’s unique target market. Our in-depth understanding of FEC’ needs and requirements together with the knowledge of play value the kids and families are looking for today will help you set a good foundation for long-term success of your business.

Repeat Business

Entertainment Centers are highly dependent on repeat business from residents living in the community. Play spaces designs should offer the quality and play value required to create repeat business. That’s why we build play structures that are not only attract customers but also keep them coming back for more.

Weekday Business

Important part of successful FEC business is a weekday business that includes weekday attendance by parents or caregivers with preschool children, school field trips, company parties and holiday camps. We know how to help you design play spaces to attract and retain healthy weekly business.

Are you ready to start or upgrade your entertainment center?

  • We couldn’t have asked for a better attraction – 750 children play on it a day! Not only we have our sales increased 57% since we installed it, but the minute the kids arrive, they run to the soft play playground.

    Larry B. Minnesota, USA
  • We have Soft Play Playgrounds in two of our locations. When we installed our first one, we saw an 18% increase in sales the first year! We installed our second one last March and have already seen a 14% sales increase.

    Jose L., Province of Quebec, Canada
  • We worked with Soft Play to design and install a custom two story climbing structure at our new Discovery Place KIDS museum. They worked with our designers and architects to build a structure that is accessible by both children and adults to encourage family interaction within the museum. Our guests are enjoying the structure very much and in the first year, the museum is exceeding our visitor and membership expectations.

    Debbie Curry Director, Discovery Place KIDS, Huntersville NC