For kids' health and well-being, it is crucial to get them back to play safely. Our assistance allows families to engage in activities and play outside the home, and it can also help businesses recover faster.
This indoor or outdoor adventure course enhances the play experience by providing different levels of challenge.
This system’s unique design raises the challenge of high ropes courses to exhilarating new heights.
See how Soft Play collaborated with LEGOLAND® Discovery Center to take kids’ imaginations to the next level.
PlayArmor is the first antimicrobial coating specifically introduced in the recreation industry that protects playground equipment and site amenities.

Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment

Our designs can be easily customized to fit your space, your audience and your budget, while employing the strictest design standards to create safe, fun and exciting play experiences for kids of all ages and abilities, while maximizing return on investment. Our playgrounds are proven family attractions!

If you’re looking for commercial-grade playground equipment, Soft Play® is a great choice. As a leading indoor playground equipment company, Soft Play offers commercial indoor play structures which are:

  • High Quality. Thoroughly and rigorously tested, our playground equipment is designed for the long term. Each component is made with quality materials that stands up to wear and tear.
  • Fun and Exciting. Soft Play puts the “fun” in play! We make sure each component is bright, colorful, attractive, and appeals to every part of the child’s imagination. Our playgrounds start with a simple question: What would make the system more fun? Based on how children develop and how they play, we build playgrounds designed to foster creativity, social interaction, and fun.
  • Active and Challenging. We know how important active play is for kids. Our indoor playgrounds are designed to encourage activity in a fun and innovative way.
  • Inclusive and Engaging. Soft Play offers commercial indoor playground equipment for sale that is fun for children of all ages and abilities.

Why Soft Play?

If you’re looking for an indoor playground manufacturer who offers more than the competition is able to, choose Soft Play. Soft Play can help you by offering play solutions designed to:

  • Attract families. Our playgrounds are designed to attract families looking for a fun and active space for everyone involved. Not only do they attract families, but they keep them coming back time and again.
  • Provide fun and encourage skill-building. Our playgrounds give children a chance to play, develop and socialize while adults get to enjoy seeing their children have a terrific time.
  • Fit your budget. With numerous financing options, budget-friendly prices and a range of product choices to suit every price point, Soft Play makes it possible for you to buy the playground you’ve always wanted.
  • Fit your needs. Not all indoor playground suppliers offer custom design, but Soft Play does! If there’s a specific type of indoor playground you want but haven’t seen it on the market, our designers can work with you to come up with the exact playground you want.
  • Low Maintenance. Soft Play indoor playground equipment is designed to be low maintenance so you can focus on your priorities, and not worry about constant repairs. We take the headache out of playground maintenance!

Soft Play playgrounds are proven family attractions. They can be customized for virtually any space, audience and budget. Take a look at the indoor playgrounds Soft Play offers today, and contact a representative to learn more!

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