Big Play Value. Small Footprint.

Embrace the power of small spaces with ATOM. Every detail was designed to create an experience that is rich in play value, unique in design, and superior in safety. Crafted from durable material and designed to withstand high-traffic environments, ATOM creates engaging play in a small package.

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Every detail in ATOM was selected with the purpose to create an experience that is rich in play, unique in design and superior in performance and safety.

ATOM Benefits

  • Fun and memorable play experience in any space on a small budget.
  • Attract families and promote the mafic of play in your community.
  • Elevate your brand experience with meaningful, physical, social, cognitive, and sensory play.

Experience Adventure with these ATOM Features

  • Fun Ride Slide: The slide is always the most popular event! This design allows parents to see kids at all times and never miss those priceless smiles!
  • Hammock Hangout: The slightly swaying hammock is a great place to hang out and start friendships. Features flex treads that provide fun sensory experience.
  • Ripple Platform: These unique shaped decks create challenging climbing experiences and cozy hang-out spaces.
  • Sit-N-Spin: All kids love to spin so let them have at it. Singularly or in cooperative play, this kid favorite is a winner.
  • Scoop Climber: Scooped-shape decks serve as a climb that provides kids with a slithering twist to the second level.
  • Diamond Pass: When kids transition from the first to the second level they have to pass this fun, swaying diamond-shaped obstacle.
  • Musical Drums: Test your rock skills and make some noise with this Drums Music Panel featuring human-powered energy.
  • 3-in-a-Row Game: How many can you get in a row using the 3 in a Row Panel Came? No loose pieces to go missing and no clearing up after playtime!
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