Playground Design Styles: Which One Is Right for Your Business?

Playground design is an ever-evolving field that continuously adapts to meet the changing needs and expectations of kids, families, and communities. Several design trends have emerged in recent years, transforming traditional playgrounds into innovative, dynamic, and inclusive spaces. If you’re interested in creating a playground for your business or updating your current play space’s appearance, explore the playground design styles below to help inform your decision.

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Design trends for modern playground designs are constantly changing and adapting to be more inclusive. Modern playgrounds have evolved beyond just swings and slides, embracing innovative designs to provide enriching experiences for kids. From nature-inspired play to sensory exploration, many trends are shaping the future of play spaces.

These design trends ensure modern playground equipment offers fun and serves as a hub for learning, imagination and community engagement. Here are some of the key design trends shaping modern playgrounds:

  • Inclusivity and accessibility: Designing for inclusivity is a notable trend. Contemporary playground equipment is now being developed to accommodate kids of all abilities. Inclusion on playgrounds includes incorporating accessible pathways, inclusive play equipment and sensory-rich experiences that cater to diverse needs.
  • Multi-generational play: Playgrounds are no longer just for kids. Multi-generational play areas are on the rise, offering opportunities for kids, parents and guardians of many ages to engage in physical activity together. These spaces promote family bonding and healthier lifestyles.
  • Customization and theming: Playgrounds are increasingly customized to reflect specific themes, locations or branding. Whether inspired by local history, popular culture or natural landmarks, themed play areas create unique and memorable play experiences.
  • Sustainable design: Sustainability is a growing concern in playground design. Eco-friendly materials, responsible construction practices and eco-friendly landscaping are becoming more common, aligning with the broader focus on environmental responsibility.
  • Fitness and health: Playgrounds are spaces for physical fitness and overall health. Equipment that promotes cardiovascular health, muscle development and balance training is being incorporated to encourage active play.
  • Outdoor classrooms: Some playgrounds are designed as outdoor classrooms to support learning through exploration, experimentation and sensory experiences.
  • Community engagement: Engaging the local community in the design process is a growing trend. Involving community members, especially kids, in the planning and decision-making stages can lead to playgrounds that genuinely reflect the needs and desires of the community.

How to Choose a Playground Based on Your Business

Whether you own a busy daycare, an inviting restaurant or a vibrant park and recreation center, selecting the right playground design is an opportunity to show off your business’s allure. Every business will require different play spaces, so consider the following examples to see how types of playgrounds may best fit into yours:

Daycare Centers

Daycare centers are the ideal places for playgrounds. The playground design style for these spaces should align with the spirit of growth and exploration. Opt for a design that fosters both cognitive and physical development. Incorporate vibrant hues to stimulate curiosity and soft play structures that encourage interactive play. Consider incorporating educational elements within the design — a playful combination of learning and joy.


Dining is about the culinary experience just as much as it’s about making memories with family and friends. Allow parents to relax and enjoy a moment together while the kids explore and release their energy on the playground.

A great idea is to customize your playground design to fit in with the design of your restaurant. Why not choose a pirate or under-the-water theme if you serve seafood, or a Wild West rodeo if you offer steaks and burgers? The playground design style options for restaurants can seamlessly integrate entertainment, relaxation, and visual appeal.

Parks and Recreation Centers

Parks and recreation centers are the perfect spots to build playgrounds that foster curiosity and adventure. When considering the playground design style for these spaces, embrace the spirit of exploration and exhilaration. Incorporate versatile soft play structures that cater to various age groups and preferences. Integrate nature-inspired elements to seamlessly blend the equipment with outdoor surroundings, fostering a connection between play and nature.

Health and Fitness Centers

Health and fitness centers can integrate playground elements to create a holistic wellness experience. These play areas can feature climbing walls, balance beams and agility courses that help promote physical activity and complement workout routines. Parents can exercise while their kids engage in active play, making fitness centers more convenient and family-friendly.

Health and fitness centers can create environments that encourage an active lifestyle for parents and kids. By providing opportunities for kids to engage in physical activities from a young age, these playgrounds instill the importance of exercise as a lifelong habit.

Retail Businesses

Retail businesses can enhance their appeal by incorporating play areas. These indoor play spaces allow parents to shop while kids engage in creative and interactive play. Soft play structures and themed play areas can transform shopping trips into family outings, ensuring a pleasant and memorable experience.

Considerations to Help You Make the Right Decision

As you think about building a playground for your business, you should consider the following points to guide you in the right direction:

  • Goals and audience: Understand the main group you aim to serve and the primary purpose of your playground. For example, do you work with young kids who need simpler play equipment, or will kids of many ages hang out on your playground? Building a playground that meets the needs of those who will use it most is essential.
  • Your business’s mission and branding: Consider how your chosen playground design aligns with your business’s theme, values and branding.
  • Budget and resources: Establish a realistic budget that includes initial construction costs as well as ongoing expenses like maintenance and safety inspections. Identify potential funding sources, such as grants or donations, and assess how they impact your budget.
  • Space and size: Evaluate the available space for your playground and ensure it provides ample room for the chosen design without crowding or safety concerns. Accessibility is also vital, so make sure the playground you build is accessible for visitors of all abilities.

Playground Types for Your Business

Are you ready to explore options for your playground build? Here are many playground types you can consider:

Nature-Inspired Playgrounds

Nature-inspired playgrounds evoke a sense of wonder and connection with the natural world. These play areas blend with outdoor environments, offering a serene yet adventurous experience.

Features such as wooden structures, rock formations and raw materials create an atmosphere of exploration. This style is perfect for parks and recreation centers, as it encourages outdoor interaction and nurtures an appreciation for nature.

Nature-inspired playgrounds incorporate materials like wood, stone and earth to mimic the natural environment’s sights, textures and sounds. You’ll find wooden climbing structures that resemble trees, boulders for hopping and balancing and sand pits for digging and sculpting. These elements engage kids’ senses and instill an appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

These play spaces are designed to mimic the unpredictability of the outdoors. Kids can navigate winding pathways, climb rocks of various sizes and even cross small bridges. This sense of adventure fosters curiosity, resilience and problem-solving skills as kids adapt to ever-changing play environments.

Overall, nature-inspired playgrounds embrace unstructured play. These environments encourage kids to invent their own games and adventures. They might build forts with branches, concoct imaginary recipes in an imaginary outdoor kitchen or simply lie on their backs to gaze through a canopy of trees at the sky.

Themed Playgrounds

Themed playgrounds transport visitors to different realms of imagination. These play areas reflect specific concepts or stories, be it fairytales, historical eras or even outer space adventures. Themed playgrounds captivate young minds and enhance the overall ambiance of your business. Consider creating a themed playground if you own a daycare center, as it sparks creativity and storytelling in kids.

  • Transporting kids to another realm: Each playground offers a unique narrative. Step into one, and you might find yourself in a medieval castle, a bustling pirate ship, an enchanted forest or a futuristic space station. These imaginative settings transport kids to a world where the ordinary rules of reality no longer apply.
  • Igniting creativity and role-playing: Themed playgrounds encourage creativity and role-playing. Kids become characters in their own stories as they explore and interact with the themed elements. This imaginative play fosters storytelling, problem-solving and social skills as kids collaborate to create and act out their narratives.
  • Offering visually engaging environments: Themed playgrounds offer many interesting design elements and result in a visually stimulating environment that sparks curiosity and wonder.
  • Allowing learning through play: Educational elements are often integrated into the playground’s theme, offering opportunities for exploration and discovery. Kids might encounter dinosaur fossils in a prehistoric-themed playground or learn about constellations in a space-themed setting.

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Adventure Playgrounds

These play areas are designed to challenge and excite visitors with elements like climbing walls, zip lines, and obstacle courses. Adventure playgrounds are ideal for parks and recreation centers, as they cater to thrill-seekers of all ages. They create an environment where guests can test their limits and conquer obstacles, fostering a sense of accomplishment.

  • Offering physical challenges: Adventure playgrounds present kids with a variety of physical challenges that push their limits. From climbing walls and rope bridges to zip lines and obstacle courses, every element in an adventure playground is a test of courage, strength and skill. These challenges encourage kids to leave their comfort zones, face fears, and develop resilience.
  • Promoting physical fitness: Physical activity is at the core of adventure playgrounds. As kids conquer climbing walls, swing from ropes, and navigate obstacle courses, they engage in active, full-body workouts. These experiences contribute to developing strength, coordination, balance and spatial awareness.
  • Encouraging risk assessment: Adventure playgrounds teach kids valuable skills in risk assessment. They learn to evaluate the difficulty of a challenge, assess their capabilities, and make informed decisions about what they can and can’t do.
  • Fostering problem-solving skills: Adventure playgrounds are rife with problems waiting to be solved. Whether it’s figuring out the best route up a climbing wall or devising a strategy to cross a rope bridge, kids are constantly presented with puzzles to solve. These challenges promote critical thinking, strategic planning and problem-solving skills as they work out how to overcome each obstacle.

Water Playgrounds

Water-themed playgrounds provide a refreshing escape, especially during hot summer days. These play areas incorporate water features such as splash pads, fountains and shallow pools, offering a unique and enjoyable way to cool off. Consider this option for restaurants with outdoor seating, as it provides an additional layer of entertainment and comfort, making dining a more memorable experience.

  • Creating splashes of joy: Water jets, fountains and sprayers are strategically placed to engage kids in interactive play. They can run through water arches, dart under spray tunnels and leap into splash pads, all while staying cool on hot days.
  • Offering ways to beat the heat: During summer, these play areas provide a refreshing escape for kids and families. The combination of play and water allows kids to cool off while expending energy, making it an ideal destination for those seeking relief from the sun’s rays.
  • Providing sensory stimulation: Water experiences engage kids’ senses in unique ways. The sound of flowing water, the sensation of wet surfaces and the visual appeal of water jets all contribute to a multisensory playground experience.

Artistic Playgrounds

Artistic playgrounds are a captivating blend of play and creative expression. These unique play areas serve as canvases for creativity, encouraging kids to explore their imagination while engaging in active play.

  • Supplying many colors and shapes: Artistic playgrounds are adorned with vibrant colors, whimsical shapes and artistic installations that capture the essence of creativity. The play equipment often doubles as works of art, transforming the playground into a gallery of imagination.
  • Encouraging expressive play: Artistic playgrounds invite kids to express themselves through play. Every element encourages kids to engage their imaginations as play becomes a form of self-expression and fosters creativity.
  • Showcasing sculptural play structures: Play structures take on unique forms in artistic playgrounds. Climbing walls may resemble abstract art pieces, slides may twist and turn unexpectedly and tunnels may lead to hidden realms of adventure. These distinctive designs offer novel play experiences and challenge kids to think creatively while navigating the playground.
  • Offering interactive art installations: Many artistic playgrounds feature interactive art installations that encourage hands-on engagement. Kids can play with wind chimes, create melodies on xylophones or experiment with water features that double as kinetic art.
  • Displaying art education in play: Artistic playgrounds can also serve as educational tools. They allow kids to learn about various art forms, from sculpture and painting to music and performance. Educational signage or guided activities can introduce kids to famous artists, artistic movements and cultural traditions.
  • Providing inspiration for young artists: These playgrounds can inspire the next generation of artists. Kids engaging with art in a playful context may develop a lifelong love for artistic expression.

Sensory Playgrounds

Sensory playgrounds are enchanting spaces that engage kids’ senses, providing a holistic and immersive play experience. These playgrounds are created to stimulate physical play and cognitive and emotional development.

Sensory playgrounds offer a holistic and immersive play experience that engages kids’ senses and fosters physical, cognitive and emotional development. These playgrounds are sensory-rich environments that encourage exploration, creativity and a deeper connection to the world around us.

Sensory playgrounds captivate and engage all five senses — sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Every element, from the play equipment to the surrounding environment, is curated to provide a multisensory experience. The playground becomes a place where kids can explore the world through their senses.

For example, these spaces often feature a variety of textures, from smooth and cool surfaces to rough and bumpy structures. Sound is also a key aspect of sensory playgrounds. Musical chimes, whispering tubes and interactive sound panels create auditory experiences that encourage kids to experiment with sound and rhythm. These elements promote creativity and social interaction as kids collaborate to create melodies.

Some sensory playgrounds offer calm, quiet spaces where kids can retreat from sensory overload. These areas provide a soothing environment with gentle sounds, soft textures and calming colors. They serve as safe havens where kids can relax and recharge when needed.

Why Choose Soft Play to Build Your Playground

At Soft Play, we understand that playtime is more than just fun — it’s a pivotal developmental journey for kids. It’s a time when they learn social, physical and emotional skills while exploring new experiences and making friends. That’s why we’re passionate about helping businesses and organizations create innovative play environments that help kids grow.

With over three decades of experience in the field, we are creators of joy and architects of growth. Our journey has been fueled by the belief that every kid deserves a safe, fun and unique place to play, learn and thrive. We recognize that play is a powerful tool for social development. Our play environments are designed to encourage interaction and cooperation among kids. Whether it’s a daycare center, a restaurant or a recreation center, our designs promote social engagement, helping kids build essential skills for life.

Imagine a play system that’s uniquely yours. We can tailor our equipment and components to cater to multiple age groups. As a result, you can create unique play spaces and themed areas for an unforgettable experience for every kid. Whether you dream of clubhouses or medieval castles, we can bring your vision to life. Our whimsical and vibrant designs are bound to keep kids captivated.

Soft Play believes in creating fun without compromising on safety. Our designs meet and exceed the rigorous ASTM 1918-12 Standards for Soft Contained Playground Equipment. In the United States, we adhere to ADA compliance, and internationally, we meet applicable regulations. We subject our equipment to extensive cycle and destructive testing, ensuring it can withstand every adventure kids dream up.

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At Soft Play, we understand that safe play experiences protect kids and enhance their overall enjoyment. Soft Play continually pushes the boundaries of creativity to develop the most innovative products and designs, setting new industry standards with safety at the forefront.

If you’re ready to build a playground for your business or want to learn more about how we can help, contact us today to create a meaningful play experience for your patrons!

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