Branding and Theming for the Entertainment Industry

Are you looking to transform your theme park or other entertainment-driven business? If so, Soft Play® has branding ideas to help you create unique and stimulating opportunities to enhance the customer experience. 

When you choose Soft Play as your playground equipment manufacturer for your entertainment center, you’ll enjoy industry-leading branding and theming solutions for your space. 

How Custom-Themed Playground Equipment Will Help Brand Your Space  

At Soft Play, we help improve your theme park’s branding and theming capabilities by:

  • Adding architectural accents: Our highly developed architectural accents and aesthetically pleasing playground equipment structures help in attracting families to your entertainment center or theme park. Turn your architectural playground design into a reality with theming and branding capabilities from Soft Play. 
  • Offering a variety of play structures: We provide a wide range of customizable, durable and top-quality play sculptures. Our designers can personalize any piece of playground equipment for use in high-visibility areas to help build brand awareness and attract customers. 
  • Providing custom opportunities for play: From Clubhouses and Train Stations to Candy Land-themed playgrounds and Under The Sea play spaces, the sky is the limit for your custom indoor playgrounds.
  • Lending turn-key solutions: Soft Play is a turn-key solutions company ready to assist you in all stages of the branding process — from initial design to post-installation support. 

Why Brand Your Projects?

There are many benefits of branding for the entertainment industry. Custom branding play sculptures at your theme park, movie theater, sports center, restaurantfamily entertainment center, museum or other attraction can:


At Soft Play, we have decades of experience creating products that help our clients grow their brands. Brand licensing refers to renting or leasing a branded asset that another company owns. If an individual or business wants to use part of another company’s brand, they must create and negotiate a contract. During the agreed-upon period, you can use the licensed characters or other elements for your own purposes, as long as they align with the terms of your agreement.

Licensed branding is an ideal opportunity for family-friendly businesses. Licensing characters from kids’ shows and other media has many benefits. When kids and families see characters they know and love, their opinion of your brand improves and they are more likely to come back.

Theme parks and family entertainment centers are popular businesses that use brand licensing to connect to their target audiences. At Soft Play, we understand the importance of building a relationship with your customers. Licensed branding can help your business attract new guests, engage them while they’re at your location and encourage them to return.


Adding thematic elements to commercial properties like theme parks and family entertainment centers creates a visual representation of your company’s brand. Licensed branding also fosters a connection between your company and the customers you want to attract. With the right branding, those connections can happen on multiple levels.

The advantages of using licensed branding include:

  • Improved brand credibility and authenticity
  • Lower in-house marketing costs
  • Various tie-ins and retail partnerships
  • Improved marketing strategy and brand campaigns


When kids see the faces of beloved characters at your location, they instantly become more engaged. Featuring those familiar characters also creates a more family-friendly environment, which parents appreciate.

When a business attempts to include kids in their branding, families take notice. But the most popular characters are often protected by other brands. Fortunately, Soft Play handles the contractual obligations of licensed branding for your commercial property. Let us know which brands you want to incorporate into your play area, and Soft Play can negotiate a licensing contract for you. While we’re handling the logistics, you can focus on growing your business.

Consider how you can use characters like SpongeBob or Hello Kitty in your custom play area. At Soft Play, we can help you license characters from timeless brands like:

  • Mattel™
  • Sesame Street™
  • Fisher-Price®
  • Hit Entertainment™
  • Garfield & Friends™
  • Looney Tunes™

Choose Soft Play as Your Branding Equipment Manufacturer 

Soft Play specializes in designing custom-themed playground sculptures that help brand public spaces. Our play equipment has helped drive foot traffic for businesses in the entertainment industry.

For over 30 years, Soft Play has helped provide theme park branding ideas to locations across the globe. Our in-house design team of 3D artists, illustrators and graphic designers work in 3ds Max, AutoCAD®, SketchUp and more to make sharing design-ready files a breeze. 

Contact us for a free design consultation today. Or, reach out to one of our service representatives for more information about how to build your brand using themed playground equipment. 

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