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Soft Play Hershey's showcase licensed brands

Nothing is yummier than a Hershey’s branded entertainment experience. Soft Play created the chocolate entrance greeters for the HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD retail experience in the famous NEW YORK-NEW YORK Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. This location brings two American icons to life – HERSHEY’S Chocolate and the New York City skyline.

PHOTOBOMB THIS! Hershey’s 3D Branded Mascots Engage All Ages

Soft Play Hershey's showcase licensed brands

By Jeff Williamson, Business Development Associate

I’m a huge University of Colorado fan. Go Buffs! Of course, I’m also a huge fan of Soft Play! So it’s no surprise that the following idea hit me like a ton of soft play area bricks just a few weeks ago. Soft Play could help major brands with their mascot design!

It all comes down to a simple equation:
• Sports teams need sponsors (A)
• Sponsors need a return on their investment (B)
• Therefore, sports teams and sponsors need Soft Play branded elements, including 3D mascot design! (C)
A+B = C

Imagine, your mascot, larger than life, standing near the entrance to your stadium, giving thousands of fans a daily photo opp… all with a sponsor’s logo displayed prominently. You could even add hashtags to the element or create a Facebook or Instagram photo center. Imagine the number of sports selfies that would feature a sponsor! Soft Play can do this kind of mascot design for your brand.

All of this adds up to great ROI for a sponsor and an enhanced experience for fans.

I’ve taken to calling this mascot design concept: “Soft Play’s Photo Opp Elements.”

Soft Play has been trusted by top brands such as Sesame Street, the Colorado Rockies, Denver Nuggets, Paws Inc. (Garfield), and many others to bring their brands to life with our 3D sculpted elements.

Additionally, Soft Play is the global leader in providing branded and sponsored play areas. Our anti-bacterial play elements are fun for kids and attract a crowd, which sponsors love.

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