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Louisville, Colorado Indoor Theming Toddler
Indoor Soft Play play area with play elements, slide, and ramp with tunnel

Soft Play recently completed the installation of a unique and innovative indoor play area at Louisville Rec Center near Boulder, CO. The project was brought to Soft Play by an architecture firm that had recently worked with us on a previous project. Since the architecture firm was familiar with our capabilities, they were able to provide a solid budget to the client ahead of time, which they decided to move forward with. The Soft Play design and operations team did a wonderful job of working with the client and architect to create a highly unique design that includes a new “Wood Slat” product.

The indoor play area features slides, ropes, nets and all sorts of challenging elements to climb under and over. Soft-foam play elements strategically placed throughout the space help to create an immersive environment where children feel like they are on their own outdoor expedition. Included in the design is a combination soft-foam climber and wood slat turf tunnel that provides different textures to help refine sensory play.

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