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Houston, TX Indoor Theming

The Second Baptist Church wanted to offer a play area to the children of their congregation to explore their imaginations. They sought out Soft Play to make their vision a reality.  The church play area features many elements depicting the types of careers children grow up to enjoy, like astronaut, farmer, and firefighter. They get to imagine working while playing with structures including a firetruck and ambulance, space shuttle and a tractor with farm animals.  These elements and more made the project a place to explore and imagine what all children love to talk about as their “What I want to be when I grow up” moment. The future is captured in this fun play area and children’s imaginations can be limitless.

Case Study: Playground Equipment That Inspires Occupations For Children


The Vision of this project was “what do I want to be when I grow up?”

When talking with the incredible staff at Second Baptist, we realized that we had an opportunity to build a fully immersive environment where children could truly dream what they wanted to be when they grew up.

With the help of Soft Play’s Creative Design Team, we looked to create an environment that children would enjoy time and again. By featuring different themes throughout the play area, we were able to provide options for a different imaginative experience each time the children visit the location.

The Challenge

After listing occupations which included; astronaut, pilot, farmer, marine biologist, police officer, fireman, construction worker, veterinarian, and artist – how do we come up with a cohesive design that looked like everything blended together in an exciting and aesthetic way?

How We Did It

Being apart of the PlayPower Family of brands, Soft Play was able to deliver an expansive paly area that features not only sculpted foam play sculptures but robust contained play units as well.  Soft Play provides an exciting world where kids can run, jump, climb, crawl, and play how best fits their age and ability.


Our results were fantastic and we were pleased about the project upon completion.

Click each picture below to view the final playground installations.

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“This space used to be a bookstore, so when we decided to create a play area we wanted something really special – not just for our church members, but the community as well. As a mom of young children, when we first saw the final installation, we knew it was something incredible. We have been to all the latest and greatest and nothing compares to what we have done here at Second City. Everything is super safe because it is soft and cushioned, everything is so well thought out.”

Iris Monroy Coordinator of Second City, Second Baptist Church

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