The Columbus Area Children’s Museum Opens With Soft Play Corn Cob Climber

The city of Columbus has something exciting in the works for parents and children — The Columbus Area Children’s Museum […]

5 Ways Playgrounds Help Kids Develop Social Skills

Spending time on the playground allows kids to meet, interact and forge friendships with peers. When kids play together with […]

Designing Playgrounds That Stimulate Child Development: Insights From Architects

When designing a playground or play area, you’ll naturally consider the entertainment value it adds to your or your client’s […]

Architectural Considerations for Designing Play Spaces

Architectural Considerations for Designing Play Spaces Designing a play space is an opportunity to reconnect with your inner child. It […]

Playground Design Styles: Which One Is Right for Your Business?

Playground design is an ever-evolving field that continuously adapts to meet the changing needs and expectations of kids, families, and […]

Key Features to Include in Your Immersive Interactive Play Area

Immersive interactive play areas offer kids new, unique and exciting ways to play. Through fun designs and technological additions, kids […]

How to Make Your Playground More Interactive

How to Make Your Playground More Interactive Playgrounds are a great way to attract families to your business, but have […]

12 Family Entertainment Center Ideas to Attract More Customers

Are you looking for ways to make your family entertainment center more appealing to new customers? Whether you want to […]

The Future of Movie Theaters: Can Movie Theaters Survive?

Movie theaters struggled with the changes brought about by the pandemic. With a rich history and an uncertain future, movie […]

Top Businesses That Benefit From Indoor Playground Equipment

Playgrounds provide kids with a place to explore with their imagination and develop skills that will serve them throughout the […]

How to Make Your Museum More Inclusive and Accessible

Prioritizing inclusivity and accessibility at your museum is one of the best ways to serve your visitors and create an […]

Guide to Making Your Museum Kid Friendly

Museums educate and enlighten. Sadly, kids may not appreciate a trip to a museum as much as their parents. You […]

Benefits of Investing in Indoor Play Areas for Your Business

Leave some space in your business for fun with space dedicated to indoor play areas. These places benefit children and […]

15 Tips for Marketing Your Water Park

Whether you have a new facility or have been an existing part of the community for years, people still need […]

15 Questions to Ask Before Buying Indoor Playground Equipment

  15 Questions to Ask Before Buying Indoor Playground Equipment Buying an indoor playground is a great upgrade for many […]

What Is Soft Play Equipment?

Kids don’t think about heat, cold, rain, or snow when they want to play. Indoor soft play equipment gives them […]

10 Tips to Increase Visitors to Your Museum

Museums are essential places for learning and exploring different cultures, art forms and historical events. People can go and experience […]

How to Know When to Upgrade Your Indoor Playground

Indoor playgrounds offer fun, contained play areas for kids who visit your facility and draw their families to your business, […]

Top Benefits of Adding a Water Park to Your Amusement Park

There’s nothing like spending a few hours at a water park on a hot summer’s day. Between floating down the […]

How to Improve Your Megachurch

Megachurches, defined as churches with at least 2,000 members, have grown significantly in the past few years. With about 1,750 megachurches in America, […]

Pros and Cons of Starting a Satellite Megachurch

As of 2019, over 5,000 multisite churches existed in America, each an individual congregation with multiple locations. Churches establish satellite churches for […]

How to Start an Amusement Park

If you’re in the business of thrills and family fun, creating an amusement park is the perfect opportunity to bring […]

The Importance of Indoor Playground Maintenance

Indoor playgrounds are hallmarks of many institutions. Plenty of malls, museums, places of worship, amusement parks, restaurants and gyms have […]

How Adventure Experiences Will Make Your Family Entertainment Center Stand Out

When you’re in the family fun business, you know the value of exciting, interactive experiences for all. Your entertainment center […]

How to Design an Adventure Park

Adventure parks are exciting attractions where kids and families can challenge themselves and have fun. Bringing an adventure park to […]

A Guide to Themed Indoor Playgrounds

If you have a facility frequented by kids, you know how much energy they have. Instead of quenching that pep, […]

Tips for QSR Playground Design

Whether you’re starting a new quick-service restaurant (QSR) or you’re looking for ways to boost business at your existing QSR, consider installing […]

The Future of Indoor Playground Design

Playgrounds have been around for well over a century, and some aspects of good playground design haven’t changed — playgrounds […]

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Splash Pads

Splash pads are becoming increasingly popular among businesses that want an alternative to pools. This attraction can offer many benefits […]

The Future of Retail

Retail centers are about more than shopping — they’re a place to bring families together, meet new friends, grab a bite […]

Guide to Starting a Family Entertainment Center

The evolution of family centers has become greater than anyone could have ever imagined. From arcades and playgrounds to laser […]

How to Create a Family-Friendly Fitness Center

When people are searching for a fitness center, what impacts their decision are the amenities the facility offers. For families, […]

Soft Play and PLAYTIME Merger Announcement

Here at Soft Play®, we’re thrilled to announce a merger with PLAYTIME, a fellow innovator in play equipment. PLAYTIME will […]

Why Add an Indoor Playground to Your Facility

An indoor playground provides a fun, contained play area for the kids who visit your facility. Whether you want to […]

Guide for Fitting Commercial Play Areas in Small Spaces

If it seems like playgrounds are everywhere these days, it’s because they are in high demand. Over 65% of Americans visit local parks […]

How to Make Your Business Grow on Instagram

Instagram is an incredible tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Making an account is free, and anyone who […]

Defining the New Normal of Kids Play After COVID-19

As adults, we may tend to think of how COVID-19 has impacted our work and other routines. We should also […]

5 Ways to Create a Kid-Friendly Restaurant

A large portion of restaurant customers are families with young children, and many of them consider kid-friendliness when choosing an […]

How to Enhance Retail Customer Experience

This concept of customer experience (CX) has become a focal point for many companies who want to meet and exceed […]

How to Add a Playground to Your Business on a Budget

Search online, and you’ll find countless articles about how to keep kids entertained while you’re dining out, on a shopping […]

Indoor Playground Design Trends

As a business owner, you focus your energy on keeping up with consumer needs and industry trends. You work to […]

7 Reasons to Add an Obstacle Challenge Course to Your Business

If you’re seeking a new attraction for your fitness center, all-ages entertainment center or indoor park, an obstacle course is […]

How to Start a Ninja Warrior Gym

Thanks to popular ninja warrior television shows, the idea of ninja warrior gyms have caught on across the nation. Using […]

Planning an Indoor Playground: Essential Questions to Ask

When you decide to create an indoor playground, you may be thrilled and ready to jump right into the process. […]

Tips for Indoor Playground Safety

Building a safe commercial indoor playground is a priority for anyone creating an indoor play space. Of course, you want […]

Why You Should Include Musical Equipment on Your Playground

Many kids love banging on pots and pans when they’re toddlers or trying to make sounds before they can even […]

The Serious Need for Play

To an adult, a cardboard box is nothing more than packaging. To a child, it can be a spaceship, an […]

Choosing a Theme for Your Indoor Playground

Kids dream big, and choosing a theme for your indoor playground lets them imagine themselves in a magical castle, on […]

How to Keep Your Indoor Playground Clean

Indoor playgrounds avoid the rain, wind and dust that outdoor playgrounds may have to contend with. But even if your […]

How to Make a Kid-Friendly Restaurant

If you own a dining establishment, deciding to make your restaurant child-friendly can help you expand your potential market. Many […]

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