The World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s

The World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s, located in Orlando, FL, is now featuring a new Soft Play® playground. This store opened in 1976 and has since become a popular tourist attraction. A good portion of this impressive interior space is dedicated to a 22-foot tall Soft Play® structure, which features new rope climbing events, slides, and other active play events that add an industrial, modern look to the playground design. Read more here.

play value.

This playground is designed to encourage creative and free play, opening the imagination to endless ways to play on the equipment. With no traditional directed start and finish, children are able to play throughout the structure and various components in their own unscripted adventure.

modern design.

The wooden structural columns compliment today’s interior design trends. The warmth of natural wood provides design aesthetics not traditionally seen on contained playground equipment. As a renewable resource, wooden structures also carry a go-green initiative.

Play footprint.

Updated grid size proportions elevate play to the maximum. A reduction in deck sizes maintains the high level play pattern while reducing the overall footprint of the play structure. The smaller footprint means a better optimization of the space used.

“Best product in contained play that I’ve seen for all developmental aspects for kids today. The new equipment challenges both gross motor and cognitive skills as they not only move and use different muscle groups but are challenged to make decisions on how they approach the next event.”

-Teri Hendy


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