Playground Safety Netting and Padding

If you’re creating an indoor commercial play space, safety is of paramount concern. Of course, you want to limit liability while ensuring children have the widest array of fun and creative expression. With Soft Play®, you get a helping hand when it comes to safety because we offer a range of playground foam padding, netting, post covers and more. Everything you need to keep your playground safe can be found at Soft Play in one convenient location.

Playground netting, pads and other accessories from Soft Play can help you ensure playground safety. Soft Play offers:

  • Netting. Netting helps protect children when they’re climbing high. If you offer any kind of multilevel playground to ensure creativity and fun, netting helps keep everyone safe as they play. We offer different sizes and types of net to ensure the safety of everyone using your playground. Our nets also are designed to look great, so safety equipment doesn’t interfere with the look of your playground.
  • Pads. Pads can be placed underneath pieces of equipment for added cushioning or can be used to protect areas which may become worn with time. They’re an important part of your overall safety efforts.
  • Covers. As pieces of plastic and vinyl equipment become worn over time, pads and covers for posts and other areas offer more time for replacement as well as greater safety. We also have covers to temporarily prevent climbing on specific equipment, and we offer covers for junctions, bars and just about any other piece of playground equipment.

Whether you’re looking for playground safety netting or other safety tools, turn to Soft Play. Our range of safety items is designed to work with just about any playground equipment and we offer exceptional value. Our products are designed with the highest levels of safety and durability in mind. Our padding and netting are designed to offer you security and to help children play safely on your playground without fear.

Reassure parents and provide a safe place to play at your business by working with Soft Play. As a trusted leader in indoor commercial playground equipment, Soft Play has the expertise you need to make your playground safe. Choose from our wide range of safety items or contact us for more information about safety and our playground equipment.

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