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Guide to Starting a Family Entertainment Center

The evolution of family centers has become greater than anyone could have ever imagined. From arcades and playgrounds to laser […]

Trends in Shopping Center Attractions

Have you noticed that shopping malls have started to get a little more exciting? If you have, it’s not your imagination. Shopping […]

7 Tips to Increase Visitors to Your Museum

Museums are essential hubs for learning and exploring different cultures, art forms and historical events. People love to visit museums to experience the world in unique ways and […]

The Benefits of Small Indoor Playgrounds for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Small indoor playgrounds offer many benefits for toddlers and preschoolers, from cognitive development to making priceless memories. Investing in a […]

Best Themed Playground Equipment for Small Spaces

It’s no secret that indoor playgrounds are good for business! Whether in a mall, movie theater or restaurant, playgrounds attract […]

How to Create a Profitable Indoor Play Area

Building an indoor playscape is an exciting venture. It’s fun to choose all the innovative equipment designs and think of the kids who […]

Guide to Designing a Mall

Malls today need to reinvent themselves and meet the increasing demand for authentic and memorable experiences. With e-commerce, customers can find the […]

The Benefits of Including Color in Playgrounds

As many schools, daycares, parks and museums realize, playgrounds are spaces where kids can learn, grow, and have fun, and […]

How to Design Playgrounds That Engage Whole Communities

Playgrounds have become dynamic communal spaces that offer far more than simply acting as recreational spaces. As an architect looking […]

The Benefits of Nature-Inspired Playgrounds

With trends in sustainability and natural materials on the rise, it’s no surprise that architects are creating nature-inspired playgrounds. Along […]

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