The Hive

If you want to create a memorable experience for guests, you need to go the extra mile to offer something they haven’t seen before. That’s where The Hive comes in. The Hive is a challenging and dynamic obstacle course for older kids and young adults. This unforgettable play element offers physical and mental obstacles and thrills that keep customers and visitors coming back for more.

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Survive The Hive With These Unique Features

The Hive is unlike any other kids’ obstacle course challenge on the market. Its unique features and competitive elements create an experience that guests will remember for years to come. The Hive’s identifying features include:

  • Hex core: The Hive features an unmistakable hexagonal core that guests won’t be able to take their eyes off of.
  • Control station: At this station, adventurers will find the start button to activate the game as well as a running score.
  • Adventure ropes: Strategically placed ropes inside the unit create a climbing challenge like no other.
  • Ball obstacle: Competitors can climb up or squeeze their way through these obstacles to get to the game center as quickly as possible.
  • Game targets: These two-sided light sensors add visual impact to the game and encourage more engagement for competitors and outside observers alike.
  • No-fly zone: This zone offers visibility for onlookers monitoring activity inside of The Hive. It also prevents guests from climbing outside of the unit.
  • Scoreboard: The scoreboard showcases the game’s score for competitors and observers to see.
  • Performance mats: We designed these mats to withstand high traffic and the toughest competitions within The Hive.
  • Perforated steel walls: These steel walls define the game space with clear entry and exit points.
  • Hammock zone: Hammocks offer a space for kids to rest between challenges. They can also keep an eye on the competition with the perfect vantage point to develop a winning strategy for round two.

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Take Your Business to the Next Level With The Hive

Whether you choose The Hive as a standalone attraction or part of an even larger obstacle course for your guests, this play element offers many benefits for your business. With this kids’ obstacle course challenge, you can:

  • Enjoy lasting durability: We recognize that an interactive challenge course is a big investment for many businesses, and we want to make sure you see a return on that investment. That’s why we designed this element with high-quality materials to ensure it will last through many years of play and heavy traffic.
  • Offer a memorable experience your guests will love: The Hive obstacle challenge course is an adventure that guests won’t forget any time soon. Kids can engage creatively to develop winning strategies, which will bring them back again and again to try and beat their personal records.
  • Become a fun, family-friendly destination: While we designed The Hive with older kids and young adults in mind, it pairs well with other attractions that the whole family can enjoy.

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