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Up your family entertainment game with The Hive—an innovative, interactive obstacle based challenge course designed for older thrill-seeking kids and young adults. Its innovative hex structure houses a broad spectrum of challenges uniquely designed to push the limits of the body, engage the imagination, and dazzle the senses. This newest interactive play element first introduced at the IAAPA show in Orlando, Florida, November 2019, is the latest in play elements pioneered by the company.  Soft Play is asking participants to try their newest element and dares challengers to “Survive the Hive”.  Both competitors and observers experience an interconnecting network of challenges built for adrenaline-pumping adventure.

The Hive is conceptually a timed course inside a hexagon structure.  Participants will start on the ground and climb on netting to the top of the hexagonal configuration in and around raised spherical components to reach each lit button and to a signal they have survived the challenge.  Contestants can compete over and over to find better ways to explore the challenge and can increase their finishing times reaching each hive button allowing them to triumph over the course or other contestants.

Benefits of The Hive Interactive Obstacle Challenge Course

The Hive play element is a part of a larger system of elements making an entire Interactive Challenge Course.  The other play elements will be introduced at an as yet to be determined later date making an even larger interactive challenge course. The course contestants can be a single individual or up to 5 other participants per team for a total of ten participants racing against the clock and competing against the course or each other.  They can keep track of time or compete against each other for an interactive challenge unlike any other offered to date by the Soft Play team.

The Hive is made up of roto-molded plastic spheres inside a hive structure with ropes and other elements that create a challenge to reach the top of the structure.  Children will need to have core strength and agility to reach the top and once they begin to master the structure, they can try to decrease their time to complete the course or they can challenge other users to see who wins the battle. Every time they accept the challenge they experience a new and interactive encounter with the course. This is truly a signature element to increase the fun and excitement kids will experience and one they will have to try time and time again.

Features of The Hive’s innovative hex structure include:

  1. Hex Core: Iconic engineering and design create a striking visual signature, making this attraction impossible to ignore.
  2. Ball Obstacle: Climb up or squeeze through to reach the game sensor as quickly as you can.
  3. Adventure Ropes: Conquer the climbing experience with strategic configurations and positions of adventure ropes.
  4. Game Targets: The two-sided light game sensors enhance the visual impact and increase interaction among competitors, teammates, and outside observers.
  5. Control Station: Hosts the start button to activate the game and shows the running and final score.
  6. Top Level Barrier Nets: Elevate the climbing experience and create additional opportunities to pass other competitors.
  7. No-Fly Zone: Prevents climbing outside the unit while improving visibility to monitor the action inside.
  8. Hammock Zone: Create a safe space to catch your second wind. Observe other competitors and devise your winning strategy.
  9. Scoreboard: Showcases the game’s score on a large display constructed of ultra-tough material built to withstand the toughest competition.
  10. Perforated Steel Walls: Define the space, optimize traffic flow, and identify the game’s entrance and exit.
  11. Performance Mats: Exclusively designed for The Hive, these performance mats provide exceptional durability in high-traffic environments.

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