Bring Playgrounds to Life with Outdoor Play Structures

Transform any outdoor playground into an unforgettable experience by adding durable hard-coated commercial play elements. Create custom play sculptures or explore our ready-to-ship pieces.

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See how commercial outdoor play sculptures can bring your playground to life.

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Outdoor Commercial Play Sculptures from Soft Play

At Soft Play®, we’re passionate about designing creative, engaging play areas for kids of all ages to enjoy. We work to foster learning and growth through active play that engages kids physically and mentally, and we’re a trusted playground equipment provider for businesses in diverse industries.

If your business has an outdoor area you’d like to enhance with some kid-friendly additions, let us help you find the best Soft Play solution. Consider getting outdoor play sculptures to make your space even more enjoyable for kids and their families.

Glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) outdoor play sculptures are sturdy, fade-resistant and UV-durable, making them an ideal choice for active play. Spark imagination and foster creative engagement with Soft Play products that will last for many playtimes to come.\

Want to learn more? Check out our Capabilities Look Book Catalog that features sample projects, design options, and more. Easily email yourself the catalog or send to a colleague.

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Whether your business has a playground, park, or outdoor restaurant area, outdoor play sculptures can attract families, give parents and kids a reason to enjoy staying longer, and make them want to come back again soon.

Soft Play GFRP sculptures are particularly well-suited for your business’s outdoor spaces because they are durable, strong, and lightweight. We have our outdoor play sculptures ready to ship so they can reach you quickly. Our outdoor GFRP constructions offer many advantages:

  • Durability: Resistant to extreme weather conditions, fire, and many chemicals, GFRP play sculptures can withstand almost any type of element they could face outside.
  • Easy upkeep: Hard-coated GFRP materials are easy to clean and can stay in good condition for decades.
  • High strength: With a strength-to-weight ratio comparable to steel, GFRP materials can handle over two tons of pressure per square inch, so you can be confident they can withstand heavy use.
  • Customizable materials: We can mold GFRP into all sorts of different shapes and sizes so you can get the outdoor play structure you want for your space. Whether you have a specific texture or design in mind, GFRP is versatile enough to mimic a variety of different materials.
  • Reliable quality: Softer and yet more durable than most other outdoor play structure options, GFRP constructions from Soft Play are extra sturdy and comply with ADA and ASTM standards.
  • Convenient setup: Because they are lightweight, these play sculptures cost less to ship and are quick and convenient to set up once they arrive at your site.
  • Educational play value: Adding in animals, dinosaurs or other elements to your playground adds an educational and imaginative component to your playground.


At Soft Play, we’re committed to excellence as we provide customized solutions to encourage kids’ active play and growth. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we have the expertise to design innovative play equipment that works for parents, kids, and your business.

If you have questions or specific requirements for your equipment, our expert consultants can help you create the best plan for your space. Partner with us to attract families to your business and get them wanting to visit again and again.

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