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Benefits of Immersive Interactive Play

Partnering with Soft Play for an immersive interactive play exhibit offers several benefits:

  • Flexibility: Your space is a large venue that can accommodate a wide variety of play experiences. You can offer attractions for any age range and even change elements over time to target new audiences with Large Format theater interactive play.
  • Profit: The profit margin for play experiences offer a higher price per head since you retain the full profits.
  • Attendance: Play experiences are appealing throughout the year and can provide a consistent revenue stream.
  • Group events: An immersive play center is an ideal space for group events. You can host your own or rent out the space for another source of revenue.

Own a Large Format Theater?

Many large format theater operators that use older technology are at a crossroads. As new tech develops, you need upgrades and an investment to go digital — unless you want to reimagine the space for something new. Soft Play offers the thrilling opportunity to repurpose your screen and space to create immersive, interactive play experiences that can take your movie theater space to the next level.

Whether you want to invite young minds for a spacewalk on Mars or a deep dive beneath the waves for an underwater adventure, our team will walk with you from concept to completion to create a magical brand-driven attraction.

Case Study

The Kennedy Space Center is one of the world’s leading tourist attractions where kids can learn about the adventure of human spaceflight. In January 2021, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex transformed its large format theater into a multiple-story, fully immersive play experience called Planet Play.

Soft Play and B Morrow Productions designed this play adventure from the ground up to include a wide variety of custom components:

  • Solar system: Our team built handcrafted foam planets and the sun with accurate replicas for a kid-friendly adventure.
  • Play tower: We also transformed five of the planets into unique play towers with multiple levels, including interactive learning panels, slides and bridges.
  • Launch pad: Planet Play features a launch pad kids can stomp on to initiate the launch of a foam spacecraft. Sound effects and digital screens bring the experience to life.
  • Moon rocks and a rover: This toddler-centric area allows kids to play with foam-sculpted, antibacterial moon rocks.
  • Asteroid slide: Kids can ride this immersive slide and dodge asteroids for a truly unique play experience.
  • Satellite game: Data Quest is an interactive game built into Saturn’s rings that kids can explore as a group.
  • Space-time netting: Trampoline-like netting allows kids to explore the space-time continuum theory.

You can also read more in a full case study about our experience building a brand-driven, space adventure for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

How Soft Play Can Help

Since our start in 1984, Soft Play has become the largest vertically integrated entertainment and adventure experience company in the industry. You can count on us to bring your unique vision for your space to life.

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