No playground is complete without safety surfacing

At Soft Play, our greatest concern is the safety of the children playing on or around our playground equipment. An important aspect of providing a safe play environment is the installation of a high-quality, impact-absorbing surfacing. That’s why it’s important to have properly installed surfacing that meets current safety guidelines.

Safety surfaces for playgrounds are an essential component of any indoor playground. At Soft Play®, we’re dedicated to providing the best playground flooring, offering a range of surfacing options to help you cushion falls and help keep children safe while playing indoors at your establishment.

Surfacing requirements change occasionally, so it’s important to update this part of your indoor playground if you’ve had it for a while. Also, surfacing gets worn with time, so whether you’re purchasing new playground equipment or you’ve had your playground for a while, surfacing is an important option to consider and review once in a while.

Soft Play has a few indoor playground flooring solutions to choose from:

  • Pour-in-Place. Mixed on-site and fixed in place on your playground, this durable and quality surfacing option comes in a variety of colors and patterns to match your themed play area or playground. This type of play area rubber flooring can be easily formed into different shapes, making it a favorite of commercial customers.

This surfacing can be used to make your playground ADA-accessible, because it can be used to turn a recessed area into an even area or can be used to create sloped ramps.

  • Modular Tiles. These 2′ tiles are attached using subsurface clips, making them easy to install and replace. If you only need to replace one tile, subsurface clips allow you to easily replace that one tile. This type of surfacing is also great if you want to make ADA-compliant ramps or surfaces. Additionally, it’s fast and simple to install. You can have it shipped with your playground assembly for immediate setup.


Pour-n-Place Rubber Surfacing
Pour-n-Place Rubber Surfacing
A uniquely customizable surfacing product that delivers on safety and durability. Mixed on site and troweled in place around the playground, this unitized solution can be color and pattern matched to suite your design.
Mixed on site and troweled in place around the playground, this unitized solution can be color and pattern matched to suite your design or if desired, themed area. Easily formed to geometric and organic shapes and colors. Pour-n-Place surfacing is a preferred product for many commercial owners. For new construction, a recess area can be arranged to provide an even transition to finished surrounding floors or a gently sloped ramp that is ADA accessible can be formed for above grade locations.
Modular Tiles
Modular Tiles
A pre-manufactured, 2’ square tile that meets the needed safety guidelines. An economical solution with a variety of colors to choose from that can be mixed and match to create geometric patterns.
Modular Tiles
Great for existing locations for an above grade solution. The 2’ modular tiles are linked together with subsurface clips that allow for singular tile replacement should one get damaged or stained. Tapered ramps border the accessible sides with use of ADA compliant ramps located at appropriate locations for ease of accessibility. These modular tiles typically ship with the playground for installation immediately following the playground assembly and provide for a place and use option if timing is of concern.

Why Soft Play Surfacing Options?

Soft Play offers surfacing options which blend quality with value. Our high-impact and durable soft surfaces for playgrounds mean greater safety for children playing on your playground as well as long-term use. Made from quality materials, this surfacing can absorb high-impact activity and can stay durable even when hundreds of children use the surfacing. At the same time, Soft Play surfacing is comfortable for children to use, allowing them to play without even noticing the flooring.

If you’re looking for a rubber surface for playgrounds or other surfacing options to help you meet safety requirements or stay ADA-compliant by offering the greatest quality for your clients and customers, contact Soft Play. From surfacing to playground equipment to netting and padding, we can help ensure your indoor commercial playground is safe. Focus on branding and building the best playground you can. We can help you focus on safety and quality. Choose from our surfacing options or contact us to learn more about our surfacing solutions and safety features, and start attracting more families to your destination!

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