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Small spaces have plenty of room for large amounts of fun. At Soft Play®, we have small play equipment for any business or commercial setting. We accommodate low ceiling heights and small floor spaces, creating exciting play areas for kids. Find the perfect setup for your business with Soft Play.

Our Small Play Structure Options

We offer a range of small playground equipment. Some popular choices include:

  • The ATOM: The ATOM is a compact play area with many customizable features. Choose from different add-ons like drums, games and platforms and enhance your small space with big ideas.
  • P26898: The P26898 small play area is a classic example of Soft Play creativity. This structure offers many climbing and exploring opportunities.
  • P27885B: The P27885B is a compact play area with a slide and vertical climbing panels. If you have an empty corner, one of these play structures could be a perfect fit.

We have various options that you can customize to fit your budget. Work with us and see how simple it can be to improve your business space and create a fun area for kids.

Why Choose Soft Play?

When you purchase small indoor playground equipment from Soft Play, you get advantages like:

  • Maximized space: If you want to add a play area to a small room, we can help. Our vertical-oriented play structures provide an ideal way to let kids play while retaining some floor space.
  • Improved costs: We offer a wide range of products to suit any budget. We also have several financing options available.
  • Customizable designs: Our team can help you create the perfect color scheme and design to suit your business.

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If you’re ready to upgrade your space with a small indoor play area, request a quote from Soft Play. You can also contact us with any questions. We’ll help you find customized solutions for your business.

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