Soft Sculpted Foam

Soft Play Offers a Selection of Custom Soft Foam Play Areas and Pick & Play™ Systems

Each of our customers have special areas set aside for play spaces, or they may have a small area and a lower budget.  We offer each customer either a custom designed play area for their space, or we can provide, a low cost, enagaging play area pre-made and ready to ship to you.

  • Custom Soft Foam Play Areas: Our custom-designed soft sculpted foam play areas are unique to each customer and can be ordered to fit any style of play, and in whatever theme you want to complete your project.  Get started today on your custom play area with a specially designed place fit just for you.
  • Pick & Play™: Soft Play is proud to offer Pick & Play™ featuring Toonies.  This soft sculpted foam product provides customers with the ability to offer a very imaginative, fun, and engaging place for children to exercise and play in 5 different ways, with three different sizes, and in two special styles to fit the needs of your business.

Contact Us Today for a Customized Soft Sculpted Foam Play Area or a Pick & Play™ System

If you’re looking for a play system for your business, look no further than Soft Play — the industry’s leading play area provider. Since 1984, Soft Play has produced top-quality play areas recognized by some of the nation’s most respected brands. Our position as a leading creative design consultant and play area construction group allows us to provide you with the solutions and expertise you need to give your patrons and their kids a one-of-a-kind play experience that they won’t soon forget.

At Soft Play, we know play areas are not one-size-fits-all. Not everyone has the same amount of space or the same budget when it comes to their play areas. That’s why we custom design our equipment or provide in-stock solutions to meet the needs of our customers, which means all of our play equipment is tailored to your budget, available space, and overall vision, in order to give you the greatest flexibility in your play spaces.

If you’re ready to take advantage of all the benefits we can offer and transform your vision into an unforgettable, design-driven adventure, contact us today to request a Soft Play design consultation.

Click on the images below to research further our custom sculpted foam products or our Pick & Play™ systems featuring Toonies.

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