Soft Play® offers a range of interactive play panels that can be used as part of an indoor commercial playground area or as stand-alone features at your place of business or in your community. These panels are a great investment because they help children:

  • Learn. The Tap-a-Tune panel lets children start learning about music and sound. There are also logic panels which allow children to learn math, matching and other skills. Children may not even realize they’re learning something because of how fun these activities are!
  • Use their imaginations. Activity panels are designed to inspire children’s imaginations. Soft Play panels like the Animal Crawl allow children to pretend they’re in the mouth of a lion. Panels such as the Driving or Fire Truck panel let children pretend they’re driving on the highway or rushing to the rescue.
  • Have fun. Soft Play panels are designed with fun and creativity in mind above all. Children can explore with bright colors, sounds and textures to really engage with the panel. The interactivity allows children to build their own games and activities around the panel.
  • Build social skills. In many cases, play panels can be used with groups of kids, allowing children to play together and build social skills. For example, the Piano and Drums panels can be combined, allowing children to build their own rock band. The Tic-Tac-Match panel is used with at least two children playing together, allowing children to learn to cooperate and take turns as they try to win.

The Benefits of Play Activity Panels for Your Playground

Activity panels make your playground more attractive to kids, more educational and simply more fun. With their bright colors and interactivity, they’re truly inclusive because children of all ages and ability levels can play. Many children will love being able to do multiple things with our versatile activity panels and will have a blast playing with sound and movement. These hands-on panels are attractive to children because kids love to explore the world with their hands.

They’re also a great addition to your business because they can be used in so many different ways. You can add them to a daycare playground structure or even combine multiple panels as part of the play area. If you have limited space, you can add play activity panels directly to a wall or group them together in a very limited space to allow children to play without the need for safety netting, padding and all the components necessary for slides, climbers and more heavy-duty playground equipment. You can use activity panels as a stand-alone play solution without the playground.

Browse the activity play panels Soft Play has available today, and appreciate just how much they can help you help kids grow and learn!

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