Toddler Play Panels

Soft Play® designs and manufactures interactive play panels for toddlers to provide fun learning opportunities for kids of all abilities. Install indoor playground panels in your facility as a stand-alone solution to help attract families and grow your business. Outdoors, our products are ideal for mounting to structures in community parks, preschools and day care centers.

Our Playground Panels

Our inclusive panels support healthy development with many opportunities to engage physically and mentally.

Unleash Their Creativity

Creative play is essential for letting kids hone their problem-solving skills and experiment with new ideas.

Our inclusive play panels let kids have fun their way with engaging products they can build their own games around. The Mirror is ideal for making funny faces, while the Monster Block Panel allows kids to mix up silly friends. Let them explore sounds and music with The Electronic Drums PanelTap-a-Tune and Electronic Piano Panel.

Spark Their Imaginations

Imaginative play helps kids learn to manage their emotions, think critically and build linguistic skills.

Soft Play designed the Animal Crawl to let kids pretend to be roaring lions or lion tamers. The Driving Mirror and Fire Truck allow them to act out the roles of their everyday heroes.

Support Logic and Analysis

Logic and analysis toys help boost kids’ problem-solving, reinforce number skills and teach cause and effect.

Our marble mazes and matching panels are ideal for boosting problem-solving skills. Explore themed panel options:

Reinforce number skills and counting with the Math Beads or Abacus Panel. The Ball Popper and Marble Race Panel let kids have fun while learning about cause and effect.

Sharpen Motor Skills

In addition to marble mazes, Soft Play offers multiple panels with various tactile elements to help sharpen gross and fine motor skills. These include:

Teach Social Cooperation

Interactive play for more than one toddler helps kids develop lifelong collaboration and cooperation skills. Our Tic-Tac-Toe Panel supports cognitive development and helps kids learn about taking turns. Similarly, Tic-Tac-Match lets them exercise logic and problem-solving while encouraging them to work together toward a common goal.

Benefits of Our Interactive Play Panels for Toddlers

Soft Play interactive play panels have numerous advantages, including:

  • Versatility: Nurture toddlers’ learning and development indoors and out. Our products support many different manipulations and possibilities.
  • Customizability: Choose the elements that work best for your space and target market. You can combine panels in multiple configurations.
  • Compact footprint: Maximize limited floor space by installing a grouping of compact panels. You’ll provide appealing stimulation without the need for space and safety netting associated with climbable play structures.
  • Playful designs: Capture kids’ attention with our brightly colored panels and engaging elements. We concentrate on the fun with animated and educational designs.

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