Small kids deserve big fun, too! Soft Play commercial indoor play equipment for infants and toddlers ensures younger children aren’t left out of all the enjoyment and enrichment of Soft Play. Sprouts infant playground equipment gets kids playing and growing with a variety of age-appropriate and fun features, including:

  • Smooth surfaces. No harsh edges mean less “ouch” for small hands and toddlers. Children can play safely and fully explore the equipment with less worry about small parts, dangling strings or any other dangers that can be present with equipment designed for older kids.
  • Crawling equipment. Soft Play infant indoor play equipment has areas children can crawl over and under, which reflects how young kids experience the world. Toddlers and infants can have fun exploring textures and moving around in the play space. Kids can also learn about different movement — the spin cup lets them sit and move around in circles, while step pods let toddlers work on walking on different heights.
  • Childhood development design. Soft Play infant and toddler playground equipment is designed not just to be fun, but also to encourage childhood development in infants. As toddlers and younger children crawl over and explore this playground equipment, they will be developing their curiosity. Since the play equipment is designed to encourage movement and crawling, toddlers will also develop climbing skills and balance as they use different movement to get around. The bright colors and textures allow toddlers and infants to explore visually and through touch. Bead and mirror panels on the Node equipment even let toddlers work on developing fine motor skills.
  • Caregiver-friendly design. Toddlers and infants need more support in play areas, and Soft Play understands this need. Our Sprouts equipment is designed with easy access from all angles, so you can provide needed support and can ensure safe play at all times. Good lines of sight and simple, appealing designs make it easy for you to keep children engaged and having a fun time.

Explore the many designs available at Soft Play, and you’ll see why daycares, family entertainment centers and other companies around the country turn to Soft Play when they need to keep kids having fun. To get additional information or learn more about our customization options, contact us today!

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