Military Recreation Center Indoor Play Equipment

Armed Forces Recreation Centers, or AFRCs, consist of immaculate resort-style facilities consistent with the Army’s focus on ensuring a high quality of life for service members and their families.

Play areas for military rec centers should reflect this commitment to first-rate facilities and standards. A communal playground area brings families together, builds early childhood development, and promotes healthy lifestyles for the kids on your base.

Commercial playground equipment from Soft Play® is made from the highest quality materials and stands up to years of use.

Benefits of Military Rec Center Play Equipment

Military rec center indoor play equipment gets everyone active and immersed in the fun. Some of the benefits of adding play areas to your military recreation center include the following:

  • Encouraging learning opportunities through physical and imaginative play
  • Providing kids with a place to play, meet friends and exercise their bodies and minds
  • Giving parents a chance to introduce young kids to new friends
  • Allowing kids to challenge themselves and boost confidence in a safe space
  • Giving kids the opportunity to make new friends, build social skills, and overcome conflict

Playground Equipment for Rec Centers

With installations in more than 60 countries, Soft Play has built a reputation for its capability to deliver commercial indoor play equipment customized to all budgets and size specifications.

Play areas from Soft Play that would be an especially good fit for military recreation centers include:

  • Elementz soft-sculpted foam play forms: Elementz soft-sculpted foam play components for indoor play areas are customizable, affordable, designed for small spaces, and easy to clean.
  • Themed playgrounds:Themed play areas allow you to bring the fun of the outdoors to your military recreation center. From Clubhouses and Medieval Castles to Train Stations and the Wild West, Soft Play can fabricate whatever you envision.
  • The Hive: The Hive provides families on your base with something they haven’t seen before. The Hive is a dynamic obstacle course for older kids and young adults.
  • Adventure play: Adventure play systems from Soft Play offer unique benefits to both the families that enjoy them and the businesses that install them. Adventure play equipment for military rec centers is designed for kids of all ages — and even parents and grandparents — to embrace as a team. Challenging adventure playground structures keep families coming back again and again as they continue to seek thrills.
  • Independent toddler play systems: Our separate commercial toddler play systems offer a one-stop solution for the younger visitors to your indoor playground.
  • Pick & Play™: Soft Play’s Pick & Play™ line of low-profile ramps, climbers, and crawl tunnels will help kids test spatial relationships, develop gross motor skills, and above all, have some fun!

Bring Your Military Recreation Center Play Area to Life With Soft Play

When you choose Soft Play as your play equipment manufacturer, you’ll work with a team of experts to efficiently integrate customized commercial playground structures into your military recreation center play area.

For over 30 years, we have assisted property developers, designers, managers, architects and owners in creating commercial playgrounds tailored to specific communities. No matter your budget, space or audience, our team will strive to help you bring your vision to life.

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The Power of Play

Rethink play and see its value. Healthy children learn more effectively and achieve more academically.

Be Inspired

Design play structures with your beliefs in mind. Our play areas can be custom designed to bring together age-appropriate play activities with spiritual health and wellness.

Variety is a Key

Incorporate a variety of play events. For kids, variety is a fun play experience. For faith leaders, variety boosts attendance and strengthens community.

Explore your Vision

Don’t limit your vision due to space concerns. Our custom play areas can easily fit within classroom settings and can be tailored to fit almost any budget.

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