Indoor Playgrounds for Family Entertainment Centers


Incorporating indoor playground equipment into your family entertainment center (FEC) is an excellent way to increase sales, attract customers and build your brand. At Soft Play®, we pride ourselves on designing commercial indoor playground equipment to enhance your family entertainment center. Our knowledgeable team of designers and engineers will help you anticipate how traffic flows in your space.

We customize our indoor family fun center equipment to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Types of Family Entertainment Centers

Soft Play is an industry leader when it comes to designing indoor family entertainment centers play equipment for a wide range of businesses. Our soft-foam playground equipment pieces are innovative, integrative and unlike any other play equipment on the market. Our goal is to design thrilling, accessible play solutions that appeal to all ages groups and abilities.

Family entertainment centers that can benefit from adding indoor or outdoor playground equipment include:

  • Children’s Museums: Children’s museums are popular location-based leisure centers for kids.
  • Miniature Golf Facilities: Miniature golf family entertainment centers are an excellent way to encourage hands-on fun and help children develop gross motor skills.
  • Indoor Trampoline Centers: These centers feature multiple large trampolines and offer exercise programs such as dodge ball for older children.
  • Amusement Parks and Children’s Theme Parks: Theme parks offer a wide range of opportunities when it comes to incorporating indoor playground equipment. LEGOLAND® is a prime example of this genre.
  • Pizza, Games and Arcades: Chuck E. Cheese is an excellent example of this age-old children’s entertainment center. Birthday party centers can be included in this genre as some of the most prevalent children and family entertainment centers.
  • Children’s Discovery Centers: Hands-on discovery learning and spontaneous play are the main attractions of these family entertainment centers.
  • Play Cafés: Play Cafés are known for featuring inflatable ball pits, horizontal climbing walls, pretend play areas and creative play sessions for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Inflatable Centers: Add to your inflatable family entertainment center with soft-sculpted foam play areas.


At Soft Play, we believe that designing a high return play system for your family entertainment center depends on having a precise understanding of your needs. It’s no longer enough to have a one-size-fits-all philosophy when it comes to designing the play areas that attract and retain customers. We understand what it takes to run a successful family fun center and we are looking forward to sharing our expertise with you.

Commercial family fun center playgrounds from Soft Play can offer you:

  • Increased ROI. Soft Play indoor commercial playgrounds are made to last for years, making them a long-term investment that brings you more clients and attracts more families to your business’s entertainment center area. Our clients often report their playgrounds end up paying for themselves in more business and additional repeat business!
  • Increased customer loyalty. Let’s face it — playgrounds are fun for the entire family! Kids get excited about playing on them and parents love seeing their children have fun. With a Soft Play playground at your family entertainment center, families have a reason to continue to come back to your facility.
  • Branding opportunities. Soft Play can build a custom indoor playground for your business, meaning a play area with your business color scheme, branding or theme. This one-of-a-kind playground, which fits perfectly into your business aesthetic, can reinforce your image and the other services you offer.
  • Quality. All Soft Play indoor playgrounds are made from the highest-quality materials and careful attention to detail. Children appreciate the fun and parents enjoy knowing their children are playing on safe and high-quality products.
  • Durability. Soft Play commercial indoor playground are made from rugged plastic and have components that can stand up to years of use, even with hundreds of children playing on the equipment day after day.
  • Fun. Family entertainment centers are meant to be fun for the whole family, and Soft Play indoor play areas deliver fun to kids on a huge scale. With lots of activities possible, plus bright colors and innovative features, our indoor playgrounds will bring smiles to families.
  • Safety. When Soft Play creates indoor playgrounds for family entertainment centers, we put safety first. All of our play equipment is designed for safety and is carefully tested to ensure the security of every child at play.

Family Entertainment Center Equipment Options

Since 1984, Soft Play has been designing interactive play experiences to serve as the main attraction — or complementary addition — to family entertainment centers everywhere. We offer a variety of play options for your family entertainment center, including:

  • Interactive Challenge Courses: Soft Play interactive obstacle based challenge course targets older kids and young adults seeking a thrill!
  • Immersive Interactive Equipment: Our team will bring to life an immersive digital entertainment experience that you can interact with.
  • Themed PlaygroundsOur team of expert designers helps you bring your FEC play space to life with any theme. 
  • Pick & Play™ Options: Our Pick & Play™ options allow children to build their confidence while engaging with five different themes and premium soft-sculpted foam sculptures. 
  • Toddler Play Systems: Soft Play offers a line of toddler-exclusive playground equipment to enable little ones to grow and explore at their own pace. 
  • Adventure ExperiencesAdd a Non-Belayed Adventure Course or High Rope Belayed Adventure Course to your FEC outdoor play area.
  • Classic PlaygroundsFor more than 30 years, we’ve been working on perfecting classic playground equipment designs with softer materials perfect for FECs. 
  • Small Play AreasOur smaller commercial indoor play structures are great for more modest budgets, compact spaces and FECs that desire faster turnaround times. 
  • Elementz: Add fun and energy to any space large or small with our Elementz soft sculpted foam play areas.

Soft Play Is Key to a Successful Entertainment Center

Most of the playgrounds Soft Play creates are custom designed. This enables us to create the perfect playground that meets your play area objectives, fits your location and meets your customer and/or user demands. Request a quote today to start your project or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all our offerings.

Unique Designs & Play Value

We help FECs custom design play environments for the area’s unique target market. Our in-depth understanding of FEC needs and requirements together with the knowledge of play value the kids and families are looking for today will help you set a good foundation for long-term success of your business. Get started with your family fun center today!

Repeat Business

Entertainment Centers are highly dependent on repeat business from residents living in the community. Play space designs should offer the quality and play value required to create repeat business. That’s why we build play structures that not only attract customers but also keep them coming back for more.

Weekday Business

An important part of successful FEC business is a weekday business that includes weekday attendance by parents or caregivers with preschool children, school field trips, company parties and holiday camps. We know how to help you design play spaces to attract and retain healthy weekly business.

If you’re looking for play equipment for family entertainment centers, browse the selection at Soft Play or contact us today to discuss our custom entertainment options.

Are you ready to start or upgrade your entertainment center?

  • We couldn’t have asked for a better attraction – 750 children play on it a day! Not only we have our sales increased 57% since we installed it, but the minute the kids arrive, they run to the soft play playground.

    Larry B. Minnesota, USA
  • We have Soft Play Playgrounds in two of our locations. When we installed our first one, we saw an 18% increase in sales the first year! We installed our second one last March and have already seen a 14% sales increase.

    Jose L., Province of Quebec, Canada
  • We worked with Soft Play to design and install a custom two story climbing structure at our new Discovery Place KIDS museum. They worked with our designers and architects to build a structure that is accessible by both children and adults to encourage family interaction within the museum. Our guests are enjoying the structure very much and in the first year, the museum is exceeding our visitor and membership expectations.

    Debbie Curry Director, Discovery Place KIDS, Huntersville NC

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