Getting Kids Back to Play

These last few months have been tough for businesses and families across the globe. As companies begin reopening after COVID-19, we are here to help navigate the process of reopening play or designing future play areas at your location.

Getting kids back to play in a safe way is critical to their health and well being, and can also help businesses recover faster especially as families look for activities outside of the home. Soft Play not only has advisors to help you work through play structure reopening procedures but we also offer play areas that can be spaced out across almost any location – such as our new Elementz line. We also offer adventure play equipment perfect for outdoor activity and easy to adapt for social distancing.  In addition, our outdoor branded play sculptures – offered by our sister brand Soft Play – are ideal for outdoor spaces, branding and photo opportunities at restaurants, malls, theme parks and more.

Why Contact Soft Play?

Our standout features have always been our commitment to safety, and in customizing our solutions to meet your needs. We remain dedicated to compliance by meeting and exceeding ASTM 1918-12 industry standards, as well as with complying with CDC guidelines. Our play equipment also makes it simple to follow the cleaning and disinfectant guidelines set by the EPA.

Soft Play’s experienced professionals have worked on hundreds of commercial play projects globally, and are on hand with the answers you need. We are proud to be part of the PlayPower family of brands, which means we can also help if you need to add hand sanitizing stations or benches for additional outdoor seating. Whether you need a quick consultation on solutions for reopening a play area or help honing your vision for a future project, contact us to discuss how we can help customize a solution for you.

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