Tips for Indoor Playground Safety

Building a safe commercial indoor playground is a priority for anyone creating an indoor play space. Of course, you want the area to be fun and inspire creativity for kids, but whether you are creating a playground in a daycare center, school, place of worship, restaurant or any indoor area, you’ll want to design an inclusive area that will help you reduce the risk of injury.

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Design a Safe Indoor Playground

Design is one of the most important factors when it comes to playground safety. Long before the first children show up at your playground, the equipment you choose and the way you set up your space will go a long way toward making your playground safe and fun.

Make sure the playground is not congested

We’ve compiled a list of tips for indoor playground safety to get you started on the path to safer play design:

  • Make Sure the Playground Is Not Congested. Offer enough room for children to play without bumping into each other and other equipment. Look at clearance areas required for each piece of equipment and make sure you have at least that much space surrounding the equipment.
  • Choose Playground Equipment Carefully. Look at safety standards carefully and buy your equipment from reputable companies with a strong history of safety advocacy. Be wary of buying used play equipment, as it may be near the end of its life cycle and may not meet current safety standards. A company like Soft Play® will be able to explain the safety of each piece of equipment to you and show you the safety regulations and standards it meets.
  • Consider the Age of the Children on Your Playground. Age-appropriate play spaces are important since the same piece of equipment can be safe for an older child and unsafe for a toddler.
  • Provide Good Safety Surfacing. Pour-in-place rubber surfacing and modular tiles both allow you to customize surfacing to the space and the equipment you have. Be sure to provide adequate surfacing under heights, slides, climbers and swings, especially.

How to Maintain Your Playground Equipment

Designing your play space is only half the task. Once your play area is in place, use the following indoor playground safety checklist to keep it safe:

  • Inspect Your Playground Regularly. Check surfacing, play equipment and all areas of the play area for signs of damage or any wear and tear. Repair any damaged parts immediately.
  • Know the Maintenance Procedures for Your Playground Equipment. Read the manuals that came with your play equipment or talk to your Soft Play representative to understand what maintenance will involve.
  • Create a Plan to Ensure Nothing Slips Through the Cracks. Create a schedule and post it somewhere it will be seen. Use this list to note when inspections, repairs and maintenance were completed and when they need to be performed next.

Outdated equipment can also pose a hazard if it hasn’t been maintained over time. If you’re looking for newer, safer equipment, talk to a Soft Play representative today. We have financing options available & our experts would be happy to discuss your playground needs with you.

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