Why You Should Include Musical Equipment on Your Playground

Many kids love banging on pots and pans when they’re toddlers or trying to make sounds before they can even talk. Even babies love music and react to sing-a-longs, lullabies and music in the home. But what about the playground? Did you know that musical equipment on the playground can provide numerous benefits for kids?

Why You Should Include Musical Equipment in Your Playground

The benefits of musical instruments on the playground and the benefits of early exposure to music have been well-documented. A 2016 study at the University of Southern California found that childhood exposure to music and music education can improve a child’s reading and language skills. According to NAMM (the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation), music offers numerous long-term benefits to children, helping them with math class and SATs.

Other studies have concluded that music also helps kids with motor skills, literacy, social skills, emotional development and cognitive development. Part of the secret is that music lets kids combine physical work with mental work. They learn to recognize patterns in sounds and express emotions through music while also using fine motor skills and their muscle groups to produce sound. Remembering a pattern or tune helps kids build memory and cognitive skills they need for school, and learning to harmonize can improve social development.

Conga Drums for Playground

Musical Playground Equipment Benefits

While music classes are one place where children can get these benefits, not all schools place an emphasis on music classes, and not all parents can afford private lessons. Playgrounds are a great place for children to play with music and sound, however. There are many benefits of providing musical equipment on the playground:

  • Playgrounds are accessible to many children, allowing lots of kids to have the opportunity to play and experiment with music.


  • Playgrounds allow for unstructured music play, which is different than lessons or classes.


  • With playgrounds, children do not have to commit to just one instrument, and instead can experiment with a range of sound.


  • Playgrounds allow for social and group play and allow children to invent their own rules.


  • There are many types of musical instruments designed for indoor playground spaces, so children can experience music in many ways.


  • Since playgrounds are about play, kids can experiment with music without rigid structures, rules or worries about playing the “right way.”

Chimes for Playground

Get Your Playground Equipment From Soft Play®

Want to inspire little Mozarts with playground equipment? Soft Play has a range of products to encourage young minds to experiment with sound. Our Concerto series allows children to try percussion, chimes, melody, harmony and more. The Concerto series is designed with high safety standards and is very inclusive, allowing children of various ages and abilities to make music together. Kids can pretend they are putting on a concert or are rock stars, or they can simply explore different sounds.

If you want to hear the song of play time on your playground, contact Soft Play to talk to our representatives about designing your ideal play space. We can help you integrate musical equipment into your play area, and we even offer you a free design consultation to get you started.

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