The Concerto line of playground music equipment allows children of all abilities to experience the joy and benefits of making music. Designed at a more accessible angle and height, these instruments can be played comfortably by all kids, including those with mobility devices. Concerto playground musical instruments are an easy way to bring inclusive play to any playground.

Encourage creativity and let children build their musical abilities with our line of Vibes xylophones, Congas, Cabasa, and Chimes. No matter which piece of equipment you choose (or multiple!), kids will be sure to have a blast. Since this musical playground equipment is angled, it is easily accessible to children of all abilities.

Enjoy the rich sounds the equipment makes: from accurate musical tones from our Vibes chime bars (allowing you to produce real songs), to the beat of our Concerto Congas drums, this range of equipment allows children to explore different musical equipment pieces, collaborate with each other to compose melodies, and have fun in the process. What could be better?

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Explore the Benefits of Music

A concerto is a musical piece and comes from the Italian word concerti. Soft Play’s Concerto line is made for little maestros who want to expand their music ability and want to play with sound. Soft Play’s music playground equipment lets kids of all abilities enjoy the benefits and jobs of creating music on their own.

Concerto musical playground equipment offers several advantages to kids:

  • Kids can experience music at a young age. By helping kids experience the joy of not just listening to music by making it, Concerto equipment can build a life-long appreciation for sound.
  • It can be used for independent play. Kids can play by themselves with the Chimes, Bongos and other instruments.
  • Children can build confidence. As kids develop a sense of rhythm and create sounds they enjoy, they build confidence in their own musical ability.
  • The equipment can be used for social play. Concerto equipment works well with groups, since children can work together to build a piece of music. This challenges them to share equipment and create sounds that harmonize and work together. Groups can also engage in imaginative play, pretending they are a band at a concert.
  • Kids can build fine motor skills. Manipulating Chimes, Vibes and other Concerto equipment helps kids develop coordination and motor skills.
  • It helps intellectual and emotional development. Children who play music recognize patterns and rhythm, which can help develop their intellect and minds. Additionally, by exploring the ways different sounds reflect feelings and by expressing feelings via music, children can work on emotional expression.

Concerto commercial music play equipment is designed to be inclusive and accessible. Kids of all abilities and levels can enjoy making music. And like all Soft Play equipment, Concerto musical instruments for playgrounds are designed to be safe, fun, durable and innovative. Take a look at some of the equipment today or contact us to discuss ways we can customize a Concerto playground for your specific needs.

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