Return on Investment

Drive your Business. Invest in Play.

What’s the best way to attract children and their parents? Create a fantasy world where kids can get lost in imaginative, educational and healthy play! While parents explore your “grown-up” environment, their children can explore our fun play events to stimulate their imagination and challenge their bodies. The result? Happy children make happy parents.

At Soft Play, we understand how to design play spaces that attract customers to your destination and keep them there longer. Soft Play structures are proven to keep your place busy since the first days of installing the playground.

Apex Recreation Center

When the Apex Recreation center in Arvada, Colorado’s North Jeffco Park and Recreation District first opened, families were greeted by a giant Soft Play tree house system with multi-colored clubhouse panels, planks and tree limbs. Today, visitors come from all over just to see the tree house. In fact, the District’s marketing director credits the play area with boosting sales and customer traffic.

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