World-Class Services

World-Class Service is an Absolute Must

As the leader in contained outdoor and indoor playgrounds, Soft Play treats each customer with the care they deserve. From the designer who knows how to fit our products into your space design, to the manufacturing manager who insists on the very finest construction, to the Soft Play representative who keeps you connected to new ideas in revenue-building play products, and the service representative who helps you maintain Soft Play equipment. We promise you our best efforts for your satisfaction.


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Experience and Market Leadership

At Soft Play, we take pride in our 30 years of experience and long-standing position as the industry leader. We have a proven track record of supplying major corporations and franchises in a wide array of markets for the past 30 years. We have seen many competitors come and go in this industry, but Soft Play has been here since the beginning.

Turnkey Solutions

Soft Play is here to support you all the way – from idea design to aftersale care and support. We are here for you to help you develop your vision and ensure a successful design and installation.

Dedicated Sales Playground Consultants

Our sales consultants concentrate on providing creative solutions to each customer’s specific business needs. Soft Play sales representatives are backed up by our global manufacturing experience while they are available to meet with you in person on your site.

Dedicated Customer Service Professionals

Customer satisfaction is critical to our success, and we strive to maintain the highest level of satisfaction and reliable service. We understand the importance of continuing service, and we have stuffed our customer service department with fully-trained technical professionals who are available to assist our customer, at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

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