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Lotte World is a record-breaking indoor theme park that attracts millions of visitors each year in Seoul, South Korea. This vibrant play area is the largest of its kind in the world, according to an official Guinness Booke of World Records entry. Founded in 1989, Lotte World brings tourists from around the world to experience its one-of-a-kind environment.

Unlocking the Power of Play at Lotte World

In 2008, Lotte World was looking for ways to engage new demographics at the park. That’s when they had the idea of engaging young kids and their families with exciting play opportunities. They began exploring the idea of indoor play areas with innovative design features that would delight children and parents alike. With this vision in mind, Lotte World hired PLAYTIME™ in conjunction with Soft Play to create a kid-friendly environment based on beloved storybook themes.

The question was how to create a safe, fun and unique environment that would kick-start children’s imaginations with interactive play stations and aesthetic spaces. Working with PLAYTIME™ and Soft Play, Lotte World created Kidstoria, a vibrant environment with several specially designed and manufactured play zones. Each zone centered around a story, including:

  • Cinderella
  • The Jungle Book
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Aladdin
  • Jack and the Beanstalk

Thanks to this idea, children at the facility get to experience all the richness and excitement of discovery that these much-loved tales offer.

Features of the Lotte World Project

PLAYTIME put thought and creativity into each aspect of the Lotte World Kidstoria play environments. Unique and dynamic features of the space include:

  • Toddler-sized elements: Thoughtfully building play areas accessible to young children, PLAYTIME and Soft Play designed playsets toddlers could enjoy.
  • Soft play items: To help keep kids comfortable and safe, play equipment was crafted with soft play features.
  • Interactive light and sound features: Interactive audiovisual effects brought stories to life and captured the attention of young visitors.
  • Wall murals and facades: To help create a storybook feel for each play zone, PLAYTIME and Soft Play incorporated vibrant murals and facades that added color and life to the environments.
  • Interactive activity panels: Engaging, interactive activity panels let kids touch play equipment and immerse themselves in the environment for more fun and learning.

Lotte World Project Benefits for Kids

Interactive play at Lotte World teaches kids to use their imagination while bringing beloved children’s stories to life. While immersing kids in interactive environments that help them use motor skills, critical thinking and exploration, these environments also help them discover the joys of stories and reading. It helps them explore how reading can take them into another world and help them learn about new cultures, places and experiences.

The storybook environments of Lotte World are a perfect setting for kids to learn these vital skills they can apply anywhere — all while having fun in an exciting and safe play area.

How the New Play Zone Moved Lotte World Forward

As the interactive play zones engaged kids and promoted learning, the Lotte World project drew more attendees to the park month after month. In the new environment’s first year of operation, almost 1 million visitors came to see Kidstoria for themselves. The dynamic setting and uniquely interactive features drew a worldwide audience, bringing Lotte World to the attention of increasingly large numbers of visitors.

Families with children were the perfect demographic for Kidstoria, and Lotte World found that offering a special playtime experience for this sector was highly advantageous for business.

The park saw a net increase of 68% of annual passes sold to children in the first year of Kidstoria’s operation, along with significant increases in daily and monthly attendance. Lotte World saw an 18% increase in total park attendance over its first year of operating Kidstoria. Additionally, as it moved into its second year of operation, Kidstoria neared a 30% increase in visitors.

Ignite Kids’ Imaginations With Soft Play®

If you’re looking for ways to create unique indoor play spaces that delight kids and parents, Soft Play can help. We specialize in developing innovative, customized indoor play areas that help kids learn and play in one exciting and safe environment. To learn more, reach out to a Soft Play representative or take a look at more of our completed projects.

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