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Westfield Garden State Plaza

Paramus, NJ All Indoor Theming
Westfield Garden State Mall Ship & Aquatic Theme Environment Created by Soft Play

Ever heard of the Westfield Garden State Plaza? Well, families across New Jersey and beyond have — and to say they’re fans is an understatement.

The Westfield Garden State Plaza project is a relatively recent addition to the mall, incorporating Soft Play amenities into the place of business. This family-friendly area was designed to provide fun toys and activities for kids of all ages, making the mall experience engaging for even the littlest shoppers.

The play area boasts a dynamic range of features, including a colorful and interactive space sponsored by Amazon Prime Video. From vibrant interactive fish tanks and climbing walls to foam sand mounds and a 3D amusement park, there’s no shortage of creative ways for families to spend their time.

This addition represents an ingenious move for retail spaces. Parents are a major market for shopping areas, and with young children in tow, they are more likely to visit and shop longer if their kids are happy. The rise of millennial parents and the growing importance of adding play led the Westfield Garden State Plaza to incorporate this space — and it’s paying off in a big way. As one of the leading Westfield malls in the world, the Plaza draws over 20 million visitors a year.

Partnering with online retailers can have another unique mutually-advantageous effect. In the case of Westfield, sponsorship from Amazon Prime has led to the ongoing promotion of their award-winning “Tumble Leaf” series. This animated series has shaped the design and entertainment of the Plaza’s play space, giving endless exposure to Amazon Prime’s content while enhancing the mall’s family-friendly offerings. 

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