SKYCOURSE Non-Belayed High Adventure Course

SKYCOURSE is our non-belayed high adventure course designed to enhance the play experience by providing different levels of challenge while offering the thrill of a high-ropes course without the need for a harness. If you’re looking for indoor adventure playground equipment that gets families excited to visit your business time and again, look no further than SKYCOURSE non-belayed ropes course equipment from Soft Play.

Our courses offer numerous beneficial features, including:

  • No belay/harness system required
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • High Capacity and Through-Put
  • Promotes free play with different levels of challenge
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Can be custom-designed to your needs

Why Choose Our SKYCOURSE Non-Belayed Ropes Course?

Why would you want to add a ropes course to your facility? For a whole host of reasons! At Soft Play®, we design our innovative solutions with you in mind to provide an array of unique benefits to both you and your customers:

  • Enjoy a significant return on investment: What’s the best way to attract families and keep them coming back again and again? Offer a thrilling adventure experience that the whole family can enjoy together. Happy families not only come back, but they also recommend the experience to their friends. You’re sure to keep your business busy with the increased foot traffic, and you might even find that your SKYCOURSE non-belayed ropes course has paid for itself!
  • Promote your brand: We work with you to customize the ideal adventure course for your business. Our systems can be fitted with custom logos, themes and fun colors to match and promote your brand.
  • Encourage active play for all ages and abilities: Kids aren’t the only ones who need physical activity! Our ropes courses without harnesses are designed for all members of the family to enjoy together to encourage bonding while promoting active play.

Learn more about our SKYCOURSE by emailing our Adventure Course catalog with the link below or sign up for our newsletter for updates and exclusive offers.

We design our courses to provide you with benefits such as these while remaining within your space constrictions and budgetary needs. As an industry-leading non-belayed ropes course manufacturer, Soft Play offers customized solutions for all types of businesses while ensuring your guests have an exceptional experience. Turn your patrons into lifelong customers with the perfect state-of-the-art ropes course designed specifically for your facility.

Indoor Ropes Course Business

SKYCOURSE High Ropes Adventure Playground Equipment

At Soft Play, we strive to do more than just indoor ropes course construction. We create adventure experiences that the entire family can enjoy. And with our leading creative designs, turnkey production, financing capabilities and exceptional customer service, you won’t find these experiences anywhere else.

Our position as a leading SKYCOURSE non-belayed high ropes course supplier gives us unique expertise in crafting adventures your customers won’t forget. Contact us today to request your design consultation and see what the power of play can do for you.

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