Indoor Playground Slides

Variety of Indoor Playground Slides for Sale

If you’re looking for commercial indoor slides, Soft Play® offers a huge range of different types of slides for every age group, ability level and indoor space. You can choose from:

  • Wave Slides: Made from bright colors, this slide allows children to slide together in groups, as there are several slides grouped together. Shaped like a classic, wavy slide, this option is a terrific way to incorporate slides to your play space.
  • Spiral Slides: These indoor tube slides are made of durable plastic and built with excitement in mind. They allow children to slide around corners and tight turns for a thrilling experience.
  • Open Bed Slides: For younger children, open slides permit parents, older siblings or other caregivers to stand by and be part of the experience. The slides are typically lower to the ground and offer plenty of room for children who might like to look around them as they slide.
  • Hump Slides: Hump slides are larger tubes which offer an exciting twist on the traditional slide.
  • Curved Slides: L- and J-shaped slides offer an added twist to a classic slide.
  • Combo Spiral Slides: Helix-shaped or intertwined spiral slides allow children to listen to other children’s fun as they’re heading down the slide themselves. It’s a great way for kids to race each other to see who comes through the slide first.
  • Custom slides: Don’t see the exact type of indoor playground slide you want? No problem! Soft Play has the manufacturing and design capabilities to help you create the exact slide you want. Whether you want a combination of slides, a themed piece of equipment, or a more accessible slide, with Soft Play your only limit is your imagination.

Get Your Unique Indoor Playground Slide Today

All Soft Play indoor playground slides are made from durable materials which bear the weight of children and keep them safe. Made with bright and colorful plastic, these slides appeal to the visual and tactile senses and are designed for hours and years of fun and play. Made from high-caliber materials, they will continue to look their best even with hundreds of children climbing and sliding down.

Take a look at Soft Play indoor slides today to see the range we offer. From bed slides to tube slides for playgrounds, we have exactly what you need to make your dream playground a reality. And don’t forget – our slides can be made fully inclusive for children of different ages and ability levels, ensuring your indoor play spaces are welcoming to everyone. If you’re looking to buy slides for your playground, contact a representative today for more information!

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