STOMP Interactive Indoor Play Equipment from Soft Play

 STOMP Indoor Interactive Play Equipment 

Stomp is the unique, interactive play attraction that packs tons of action into a small space. This play experience pits players of all ages against one another in a fun, friendly, challenging competition that’s as much fun to see as it is to play. Watch the crowds gather as players run, jump, and stomp their way to the top score.

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This dynamic, engaging play equipment is available in a four-player version for a fun group experience. Not only does it get kids moving, but adults can partake in the challenge, too – making for a fun, multi-generational experience.

STOMP is perfect for attracting guests to shopping centers and entertainment centers. Keep families coming back time and again as they come to play, increasing your foot traffic and making for an enhanced guest experience.

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STOMP interactive playground equipment from Soft Play is an interactive and active experience. Children and even adults of all ages hop onto surfaces and try to stomp and tap as much and as fast as possible. As they do, bright lights of different colors rise up the meter in front of them. With this interactive freestanding play equipment, you can see exactly how you’re doing. Stomp more and faster and watch your meter rise faster.

STOMP interactive play equipment is ideal for all ages and abilities. Even adults can play. If you can tap your toes, you can start using this play equipment to have a world of fun!


This engaging playground equipment offers lots of benefits:

  • Fun. Interactive play is great for kids of all ages, because they can see how their activity and choices impact the STOMP system. Kids love the bright colors, lights, fast pace and interactive element. This is a game that never gets boring because it always changes!
  • Healthy. STOMP doesn’t feel like exercise, so it gets players moving and getting a good cardio workout without them noticing. If you want to encourage physical activity, STOMP is a great choice that makes fitness feel like play! In a world where there are concerns about sedentary lifestyles and screen time, STOMP is a breath of fresh air in promoting healthy exercise in a way that makes it engaging.
  • Competition. There’s nothing like the spirit of competition to get children and adults engaged. With STOMP, players compete with each other to see who can stomp fastest and most! It’s even possible to build a whole game around Stomp, complete with prizes.
  • Motor skills and balance. Kids who play with this interactive equipment build their balance skills by stomping from one foot to the other. They also build core strength and gross motor skills by engaging the larger muscle groups of their bodies.
  • Confidence. Children can watch their own progress. As they see they can get the meter higher and higher, they can see they are stomping faster and better, helping them feel great about themselves.

By being interactive, STOMP takes play to a whole new level. Buy STOMP for your play area or contact Soft Play for custom help on integrating STOMP into your existing playground.

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