Tubes and Tunnels For Indoor Playgrounds

Tube crawls for indoor playgrounds are an excellent investment for your play area. Soft Play® has a number of playground tubes and tunnel option which can expand your current play area or help you build an entirely new one. We have straight tubes which can link pieces of equipment together, giving kids a new way to get from one area of play to another. We also have curved tunnels, which offer extra crawling and fun capabilities, and clear tunnels, which allow children to look out as they’re crawling.

Tunnels for indoor playgrounds help children get from one part of the play space to another. However, they also provide a quiet area where children can sit, and can provide a way for children to get around the playground in an enclosed space.

Why Incorporate Commercial Indoor Playground Tunnels?

For your business, commercial indoor playground tubes and tunnels can be terrific investments by helping you to brand your business. For example, if you have a jungle-themed or nature-themed business, you can use a playground with nature-themed playground equipment to give children the sense of being on a safari. Children can crawl through a clear indoor play tunnel from one tree house-themed play area to another.

Commercial indoor playground tunnels can also make your space more inclusive. They can be used by children of different ages and can be used in a variety of ways. For example, tunnels can not only be used to get children from one area to the next, but junctions can also be a useful way for children in need of quiet time to spend in a quiet, enclosed space.

In addition, some tunnels can lead to a clear bubble, allowing children to look outside or pretend they’re in a submarine or space station. Tunnels fuel the imagination!

Tunnels make your indoor commercial playground even more fun for kids. If you don’t see a tunnel design that strikes your fancy right away, we also have the manufacturing and design capabilities to create something you’ll love. Colors and sizes can be customized to achieve the exact look you want.

Browse the selection of commercial indoor playground tunnels at Soft Play today or contact us to learn more about our custom options. And you can rest assured that our tunnels are a great investment. Since they’re made from durable materials, they’re designed to last for years and are thoroughly tested for absolute safety. You’ll get years of use and enjoyment from Soft Play equipment – reach out and get the process started today!

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