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Benefits of Toddler Play Areas

Having dedicated play areas just for the 2- to 5-year-old crowd is important for meeting their unique needs. They may not yet have the balance, speed and agility of older kids. Giving them play adventures that are just right for their size, age and development creates an enjoyable experience.

Contained play spaces for toddlers offer many other benefits, including:

  • Opportunities to learn: Active play allows toddlers to improve their motor skills and coordination. Free play also gives kids time to exercise their creative minds and find solutions to challenges.
  • Physical Activity: Of course exercise is good for building stronger muscles, but did you know it can boost immune systems, too? Physical play encourages the healthier functioning of hearts and lungs as well.
  • Stronger mental well-being: Interactive play gives toddlers the chance to gain self-confidence as they answer challenges.
  • Better social and emotional skills: Imaginative play allows toddlers to experiment with different roles and situations, boosting their ability to assess risk and manage unfamiliar experiences as they interact with other kids.

Types of Toddler Play Areas

Choose the right option for your footprint and budget from popular offerings like compact spaces, indoor climbing equipment and freestanding systems.

Small Play Areas

The Soft Play small structures bring lots of excitement for kids in less space. The ATOM play area gives toddlers opportunities to climb and slide, strengthening little muscles and improving their sense of balance. Kids can also get creative with ATOM’s interactive musical elements to refine their small and gross motor skills.

Let toddlers spin away on the sit-n-spin feature to encourage better balance and a more mature nervous system. Playing games like three-in-a-row with others lays the foundation for making friendships and learning to manage their emotions. Customize it with your brand colors for positive association and perception.

Indoor Play Sculptures

Handcrafted soft foam sculptures are a specialty of Soft Play. You can select from Modern Elementz, the Soft Play Animal Toonies collection or custom design your own to show off your fun side. Our soft-sculpted indoor play sculptures are ideal for imaginative play. They allow toddlers to exercise creativity as they pretend to ride a tiger through the jungle or befriend a silly monster. Foam sculptures also provide opportunities for kids to explore their physical limits safely as they climb up, down, over and under, or jump between sections.

Independent Systems

The independent systems from Soft Play are freestanding units with many ways to engage in play. Elements like sliding beads and spinning tiles can improve dexterity while interlocking gears boost cognition. Tot Treehouse and the 2 Deck Kids Corner create opportunities for natural exercise with climbing and sliding features.

Encourage imaginative play with Kyle’s Cockpit, or delight your toddler customers with the Wacky Wallthe Jungle Jivethe Club House Hut and the 1 Deck Kids Corner.

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