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Custom Amusement Park Experiences from Soft Play

Soft Play® amusement park play area equipment provides fun areas for kids to be active and let their imaginations soar. Immersive play adventures attract visitors, boost sales, and build your brand. Families that have a great experience will return again and again!  

As the oldest contained playground provider in the world, we are experts when it comes to attracting families to your amusement park. We specialize in tailoring your play experience to appeal to your target demographic. Our inclusive designs create engaging play opportunities for children of all ages and abilities.  

If you’re interested in ordering play area equipment or talking to an experienced design consultant for your amusement park, we’re here to help you find a design to match your budget and space. Reach out to us today to request a free quote and design consultation. 

Want to learn more? Check out our Adventure Catalog that features sample projects, design options, and more. Easily email yourself the catalog or send to a colleague.

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Within the first full year of operation, we have had over one million visitors to the soft play area and our monthly Kidstoria attendance has increased 30%. We introduced a new ticket segment for both annual and daily sales with the installation of Kidstoria. It’s been a tremendous success.

- Team Chief, Masterplanning for Lotte World

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