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Day Cares

Day cares provide a place for kids to socialize and play with their peers while their parents are at work. Beyond the practical perks, day care offers many benefits for growing kids. Creating engaging day care play areas at a facility helps to encourage development even more.

Soft Play® offers indoor play equipment that can transform a day care into anything from a jungle to a magical underwater world. Learn more about our equipment options and the benefits of encouraging play at day care.

Benefits of Day Care Play Equipment

Kids need a chance to play freely every day. Whether they’re with you for the entire day or just after school, a designated day care play area can:

  • Create a space for play and creativity: You can keep your play area simple or choose play equipment with a theme in mind, such as a vibrant forest or a bustling airport. Either way, the play area you create gives kids the freedom to have fun and get their imaginations flowing.
  • Encourage creative and critical thinking: Giving kids time and space to play in designated play areas is one way to encourage mental development. During play, kids learn to work together and come up with creative solutions to challenges. They also learn problem-solving and critical reasoning.
  • Help kids socialize and play together: One of the most significant benefits of day care is that it introduces kids to others in their age group. When kids get a chance to play with their peers, they learn the basics of socialization. They become more outgoing and more comfortable when they need to spend time away from their parents.
  • Encourage independence: Kids can learn to be independent through play. While day cares have teachers and caregivers to support and guide kids, they can’t provide individualized attention to each one around the clock. Getting the chance to play on their own helps kids develop crucial skills they need to grow into independent adults.
  • Make your day care stand out: A little play equipment goes a long way when it comes to differentiating one day care facility from the next. The more exciting your facility’s play area, the more likely kids and parents are to want to enroll.

Day Care Play Equipment Options

Play equipment for day cares takes many forms. We’ll help you choose the equipment that’s right for your facility. Some options include:

  • Soft-sculpted foam: Foam sculptures give kids a place to climb and explore. You can choose from licensed designs or customize your sculptures to match your day care facility’s branding.
  • Small play structures: Bring outdoor playground equipment indoors with our small play structures. Kids can climb and use slides without having to venture outside.
  • Independent systems: What do you want your day care play area to feel like? A treehouse, a spaceship or an airplane? Our independent systems let you transform a designated area of your facility without taking up too much room.

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