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Whether making a hospital stay more pleasant or entertaining children in a dentist's waiting room, indoor play equipment help comfort children visiting health care facilities.

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Benefits of Health Care Indoor Play Equipment

Play helps children develop their physical, cognitive, creative, emotional and social skills. Kids can also use play to express their thoughts and emotions during a health care facility or physical therapy center visit. Play can even reduce feelings of pain and anxiety while improving a child’s attitude and behavior during a health care facility stay.

Children recovering from illness or injuries in the hospital can benefit from indoor play areas, as play can get kids moving. With doctor approval, indoor health care playground equipment can help children heal through exercise.

Play therapy helps children comprehend their feelings, thoughts and physical symptoms through play, allowing them to develop coping strategies for a potentially difficult situation during a hospital stay or physical therapy session. While play therapy can help younger children understand a hospital setting and interact with others, it lets school-aged children and teenagers feel more connected to their life at home and build their confidence. Health care professionals can also use play therapy as an opportunity to discover how a child is coping with an illness or injury.

Children simply visiting a health care facility like the dentist’s office or a physical therapy center also benefit from waiting room play area equipment. Features like Elementz soft foam play structures can help comfort kids and distract them from the potential stress associated with visiting a health care facility — even if the visit is short.

Themed Health Care Play Equipment With Soft Play

Customizing your health care indoor playground equipment can provide kids and families with a unique experience at your facility. Themed health care indoor playground equipment can distract children from the stress of visiting a health care facility. Soft Play specializes in creating themed health care facility play areas with character, so you can help kids feel comfortable during their visit.

With themed health care indoor play equipment, the options are limitless. At Soft Play, we can help you design entire structures or add smaller elements to your space or floor that create a brighter, more uplifting environment for kids.

We will work with you to create a play system that is uniquely yours and keeps kids entertained. Bring your imagination, and our team will guide you through the process of designing a one-of-a-kind play area.

Check out some of the benefits of a themed indoor play area at your health care facility:

  • Give kids an immersive play experience: Themed playgrounds give kids an escape from their visit and let them get lost in their imaginations. Kids can become conductors with an indoor train-themed play station or transform into knights and heroes with a medieval castle-themed indoor playground.
  • Design around your business theme: You can also create a themed space around your business’s color scheme or theme. For instance, if you have a dentist’s office and want to keep kids entertained while their parents conduct business with you, you can design an indoor play area around teeth and dental hygiene to teach kids while they play.
  • Fit your play area to your needs: Whether you have a large or limited space, Soft Play can help you design a playground that maximizes your area. STOMP interactive play equipment takes up little room and is a great way to engage players in some friendly and fun competition. Our themed play structures can also target a specific age group, supporting you as you serve your clientele.
  • Promote your business’s brand: It would be exciting for parents and kids to have a playground that features your business’s brand in a unique way. Soft Play can design structures with your logo, colors and more, helping you brand yourself as family-friendly and encouraging customers to interact with your brand in new ways. You can even create a photo opportunity so customers can share their play experience on social media.

Soft Play also offers a variety of pre-configured health care indoor playground equipment:

  • Small play structures: Hospitals or dentist’s offices may not have much room to include playground equipment in the facility, but compact play structures can help. Although structures like the ATOM may occupy little space, they provide kids with big fun.
  • Soft foam play equipment: Soft foam structures are especially beneficial for health care and waiting room indoor play area equipment. Foam play equipment like Pick & Play Soft Sculpted Foam Play Elements provide a soft, contained distraction for children visiting health care facilities. Because health care facilities prioritize safety, soft foam play structures are the perfect solution to entertain children in waiting rooms or staying in a hospital.

Soft Play Has Health Care Indoor Play Equipment for All Ages

For decades, Soft Play has provided indoor playground equipment for safer play. We’ll help you with the entire process of adding health care indoor play equipment to your dentist’s office, physical therapy center or hospital, from design to installation. Contact us or request a quote today to learn more about how you can improve your health care facility with indoor play equipment.

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The Children's Play Gym has been a major draw for our new facility. It has allowed our YMCA to better serve our childcare participants, families within our YMCA, and also schools within our service area. The Play gym has also been an unexpected revenue producer through our rental program. As a Program Director this equipment is a very valuable tool. We would seriously recommend that YMCAs explore this type of equipment to make stronger connections to both youth and families.

- George Mueller, Executive Director & Troy Curtis, Senior Program Director, YMCA, Camden, Maine

I wanted to express how pleased I am with the performance of the Soft Play playground I purchased for my business. I am very satisfied with the increase in sales, as well as by the comments of my customers. Kids enjoy playing in the park, and parents appreciate the security of the excellent visibility of the playground's design. I would recommend Soft Play to anyone looking to add a play environment to their business.

- Luc Harvey Dorion, Quebec

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