Water Parks

Soft Play® creates exhilarating and innovative commercial water park equipment and play areas that promote socialization, learning, joy and healthy communities. From exciting themes to contemporary designs, we work with you to develop custom aquatic play environments.

High-Quality Commercial Water Park Play Equipment

Water play offers rich sensory experiences for kids, and that’s why all of our commercial water play pieces are original and handcrafted. Aquatic playground equipment options from Soft Play include:

  • Climbers and sprayers: Climbers such as frogs, whales and dragons can create a wonderland in any water park play area. Sprayers can be added to all water play climbers. 
  • Floatables: Our floatables are available in 12 themes and can be customized to any aquatic space.
  • Splash pads: Enjoy turnkey splash pad systems or free-standing splash pads from Soft Play. Kids will revel in these zero-depth aquatic playground spaces with little to no standing water. 
  • Water slides: Choose from one of our 12 commercial themes or custom-design your water slide to best fit your stylistic preferences and budget needs. 
  • Water walk systems: Help kids defy water with floating hippo heads or lily pads! Water walk systems from Soft Play come in various configurations, themes and sizes to best fit your needs. Whether you want a customized or turnkey solution, we can help you find what you need to engage kids of all ages.

Benefits of Choosing Water Park Equipment From Soft Play

Soft Play is a global leader in commercial playground equipment with completed projects in more than 60 countries. We are known for our ability to deliver customizable water park areas designed for all ages and abilities. Plus, we are the oldest contained provider in the world with over 30 years of experience, and we are committed to enabling all children to have access to play.

At Soft Play, we create high-quality, durable play equipment that helps businesses and recreational areas grow and flourish. Additional benefits of choosing Soft Play as your aquatic playground equipment manufacturer include:

  • We can tailor our playground equipment to spaces of any size.
  • We meet your commercial water park equipment needs on time and on budget. 
  • Our representatives are always available to assist with any questions related to playground equipment installation, maintenance or repair. Need guidance on topics like customization, age-appropriate commercial play components, ADA access or theming? We’re here to help! 
  • As a turnkey commercial playground solutions company, we make the design process easy from start to finish.
  • Our sales representatives work with skilled architects to ensure success throughout every step of the design and installation process. 

Create Exciting Aquatic Play Experiences With Soft Play

At Soft Play, we believe quality service starts with outstanding communication, competitive prices and compelling design. Ready to start building or adding to your commercial water park play area? Request a quote today or sign up for our newsletter to bring your vision to life with a free design consultation. 

Unique Designs & Play Value

We help Water Parks custom design play environments for the area’s unique target market. Our in-depth understanding of Water Parks needs and requirements together with the knowledge of play value the kids and families are looking for today will help you set a good foundation for long-term success of your business.

Repeat Business

Water Parks are highly dependent on repeat business from residents living in the community. Play space designs should offer the quality and play value required to create repeat business. That’s why we build play structures that not only attract customers but also keep them coming back for more.

Weekday Business

An important part of successful Water Park business is a weekday business that includes weekday attendance by parents or caregivers with preschool children, school field trips, company parties and holiday camps. We know how to help you design play spaces to attract and retain healthy weekly business.

If you’re looking for play equipment for family entertainment centers, browse the selection at Soft Play or contact us today to discuss our custom options.

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