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Sunriver Water Park, Oregon

The Sunriver Owners Association has invested in recreational facilities for its central Oregon community residents known as the Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic and Recreation Center (SHARC). SHARC opened in 2012 featuring numerous water adventures, including a spa, lazy river, indoor and outdoor pools, multiple water play components, a kiddie pool, two slides, and a leisure pool with a zero-entry design.

The recreational facility also boasts a cafe, picnic areas, athletic courts, an amphitheater and outdoor play spaces. Each year, SHARC welcomes an average of 250,000 visitors.

Inspiring Creativity With Innovative Water Play Elements

Water play elements create exciting, interactive experiences while inspiring creativity and repeated visits. Guests can swim with sea creatures, pretend to be frogs traversing lily pads on a pond, or simply engage their senses with different textures to explore.

The Soft Play® team leveraged its expertise in water play equipment to develop unique solutions just for the SHARC facility.

The Vision for the Sunriver Owners Association Recreation Center

The Sunriver Owners Association first partnered with Soft Play when the facility opened. When it was time for new purchases, SHARC trusted Soft Play again. The association wanted to update the existing water walk system and replace a floating log.

During this project, SHARC also wanted to add a feature inspired by its mascot, a shark. Soft Play shared the organization’s vision and collaborated with facility leadership to design a one-of-a-kind floatable.

Soft Play Welcomes the Challenges

Our team was up to the challenges this project posed.

Extreme Durability

Thanks to high chlorine levels and guest traffic, pools can be tough on water play features. In an outdoor environment, elements are also exposed to the effects of the sun’s rays.

The Soft Play team knew we needed extremely durable solutions to stand up to environmental factors and heavy use on a daily basis.

Custom Designs for Branded Elements

The team at SHARC knew they wanted their featured shark piece to appear friendly and not too scary for the kids.

After settling on the particular shark species to mimic, Soft Play designers and engineers worked with the SHARC team to develop a custom color for the element. We also added a smile to the shark feature that matches the organization’s logo and reinforces the theme of the facility.

Engaging Learning and Development Support

Soft Play and SHARC agree that water play is essential for skill development in kids of all ages. Our teams wanted to provide features that embody the value of learning without compromising on the fun.

We tasked our creative childhood experts to deliver commercial water park play equipment for SHARC that helps their younger guests:

  • Improve their focus and concentration: Navigating obstacles like our water walk encourages kids to focus on a task and stick with it.
  • Strengthen their motor skills: Water walks and climbing offer great ways to enhance balance and coordination.
  • Boost their mental well-being: Our water play elements provide challenges kids can complete to increase their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Develop social skills: Water play features encourage collaboration and cooperation during interactions.
  • Exercise imagination and creativity: Soft Play designs are whimsical and kid-friendly to promote imaginative play.
  • Build muscle through movement and activity: Water naturally requires more strength to move through than air, helping young muscles grow more powerful as kids work to interact with our engaging features.

Soft Play Features in the SHARC Aquatic and Recreation Center

Soft Play partnered with SHARC to add numerous interactive elements to the facility, including:

  • A log floatable: Our floatables challenge swimmers to get active and climb aboard for a brief rest.
  • The shark: A favorite element of the facility, our custom-designed floatable inspires creative play.
  • A lily pad water walk system: Soft Play water walk systems promote muscle development, problem-solving skills and balance.

Each element features our Hydro-Tuff® coating to resist UV fading and improve longevity in an aquatic environment. These finishes don’t chemically react with the water and are also abrasion-resistant for longer life spans.

The Project Results

All the equipment we created for SHARC outperforms when it comes to quality and durability. One manager reports that the shark floatable is among the most popular water features at the facility. Our playful trademark element lets visitors:

  • Engage in a creative game called “King of the Shark.”
  • Attempt to “surf” the shark.
  • Try to flip the shark over and dislodge other guests — no one has been successful so far, thanks to its broad base and stability!
  • See how many people can fit on the shark simultaneously.

Bring More Fun to Your Water Park With Soft Play

Soft Play is a trusted water play element manufacturer worldwide with a legacy of exceptional results dating back to 1984. Our team can help you transform your water park with pre-designed features or collaborate to design custom solutions that set your business apart.

In addition to our water walks, Soft Play designs and manufactures other engaging water play features like splash padsfloatableswater slides, and climbers and sprayers. We can help you attract more visitors with a proven element layout or customize features around your available space and budget.

Request a quote today or connect with your local representative to learn more about custom design consultation.

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