Toddler Accessories

Toddlers are quick to run around and explore. While it’s great for development, it can pose a problem for daycares and caregivers. Even with repeated instructions about safety, toddlers forget about staying safe when they play, and they can easily wander off, even in an indoor play area. A commercial toddler fence is the best way to keep young children between the ages of two and five safe at all times.

A Leading Playground Fencing Supplier

If you’re looking for a quality toddler fence for daycares and playgrounds, Soft Play is the leader in indoor playground fencing. Our modular plastic fencing equipment is designed for toddlers and is perfect for commercial indoor spaces. Our fencing offers plenty of benefits:

  • Made of rounded, molded plastic. With no sharp edges, our fencing is appealing to young kids and keeps little hands and bodies safe from ouches.
  • Constructed with fun colors. Bright colors appeal to toddlers and work well with a variety of playground equipment, letting you create a fun play area.
  • Durability. Tough plastic can handle anything children throw at it, and reinforced brackets and screws mean things stay put. Fences can handle toy trucks, small hands and anything else, looking great and staying stable for years.
  • Customizability. You can get just the length of fencing you need and you can configure the shape to your play area. Even if you have an irregularly-shaped play space, you can create a fence around it easily with Soft Play options.
  • Easy integration with the playground. We have regular fencing and activity fencing available, so you get the solution you need. You can have a traditional fence or one that becomes part of the playground, with activity panels that kids can play with that add some additional fun to your play area – making them ideal for small spaces!

If you want a quality commercial indoor play fence with great safety design, check out Soft Play options or contact a representative to learn more. Our friendly, professional kid experts can help you create a safe and stylish way of keeping toddlers in your play area secure.

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