Add a little more adventure for junior thrill-seekers!


If your smaller and younger participants want to play while the older adventurers are in The Hive, our adventure spheres offer an exciting, interactive companion to The Hive. This mini-course is specifically designed to gamify your adventure attraction with age-appropriate thrills like an interactive light show and a spherical climbing challenge that pushes younger kids’ confidence to new heights.

  • Sphere Obstacles: Climb through a cluster of soft-sculpted spheres in a variety of sizes and unique climbing patterns that create an open play adventure designed with smaller kids in mind.
  • Light Walk: Create a dazzling light show by stepping from one light-up sphere to another.
  • Ground Game: Expand the play space with custom carpet designs that provide a safe and eye-catching play surface for your facility.


Maximize your profits and provide an incredible experience your youngest guests won’t forget with our junior interactive challenge course. We offer customized designs that meet both your spacing needs and your bottom line. Contact our specialists today or request a quote for your junior interactive challenge course.

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