Junior Interactive Challenge Course

Adventure Spheres

If you’re in the business of family entertainment, you know it’s important to offer age-appropriate thrills for everyone that walks through your door. Younger kids are no exception! Add a little more excitement for younger thrill-seekers with adventure spheres from Soft Play®.

Adventure spheres offer an exciting companion to our other interactive challenge course elements. Smaller and younger guests can create lasting memories with the colorful, interactive elements of our junior challenge course.

What Are the Advantages of Installing a Junior Interactive Challenge Course?

Adventure spheres offer significant benefits, whether you choose to incorporate them into a larger challenge course or set them up as a standalone attraction. With adventure spheres, you can:

  • Offer fun for the whole family: Many businesses tend to overlook their smallest guests when it comes to entertainment. Parents will appreciate the fact that you went the extra mile to engage their younger kids with adventure spheres.
  • Create a customized course for your space: Are you running low on space in your facility? Our design team will work with you to create a junior play element that fits right in with your other attractions.
  • Keep guests active and entertained all year long: Even if your business already has outdoor attractions, adding some indoor elements will ensure that your facility can offer fun on cold and rainy days. We designed adventure spheres for indoor play that guests can enjoy every day of the year. Rain or shine, your business will be a can’t-miss destination for adventurers of all ages.

Explore the Unique Features of Adventure Spheres

While older guests enjoy The Hive and other interactive play elements in your facility, adventure spheres offer a captivating experience for smaller and younger participants. Push younger kids’ confidence and creativity to new heights with a junior interactive challenge course. The adventure spheres system consists of three dynamic play elements:

  • Sphere obstacles: Smaller kids love this open play adventure as they climb through clusters of soft-sculpted spheres. Our sphere obstacles are arranged in a variety of shapes and climbing patterns for endless fun and creative engagement.
  • Light walk: A system of light-up spheres lets kids create their very own light show. Little adventurers can step from one sphere to the next to experience dazzling, colorful effects.
  • Ground game: Round out the play space with a custom-made carpet. We design carpets to complement the other elements of the adventure spheres system, featuring eye-catching designs and a soft surface that kids will love to play on.

Contact Us Today to Build Your Customized Junior Interactive Challenge Course

Offer your youngest guests an incredible, unforgettable experience with adventure spheres. The team at Soft Play will help you create a customized design to fit the budget and spacing needs of your business. Contact us to set up a free design consultation for your newest attraction or request a quote today. You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on new product releases and promotions.

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