Big Play Value. Small Footprint.

Embrace the power of small spaces with ATOM. Every detail was designed to create an experience that is rich in play value, unique in design, and superior in safety. Crafted from durable material and designed to withstand high-traffic environments, ATOM creates engaging play in a small package.

Engaging Play In a Small Package

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The ATOM play area from Soft Play® is compact and filled with fun activities. We created each detail of these contained play areas to provide a rich play environment with a unique design and superior performance and safety capabilities.

ATOM is a budget-friendly playground option that doesn’t compromise on quality or user experience. Kids will enjoy many diverse, interactive features all packed within the ATOM play area, including:

  • Fun ride slide: Slides are a classic play structure, and including one in this compact setting offers an extra dose of fun.
  • Hammock hangout: The hammock is a fun and comfortable surface for kids to relax, talk and make friends.
  • Ripple platform: These uniquely shaped decks offer a climbing challenge and a cozy space to hang out.
  • Sit-n-spin: This simple whirling structure lets kids sit down and spin to their heart’s content.
  • Scoop climber: Scoop-shaped decks offer an additional twisty climbing challenge to get to the second level.
  • Diamond pass: Kids get to navigate this fun obstacle as they transition into the second level.
  • Musical drums: Kids can experiment with creating sounds and rhythms with these play drums.
  • Three-in-a-row game: Playtime games such as three-in-a-row can help kids develop social and emotional skills in a secure environment.

Benefits of Choosing ATOM Contained Play Areas

Add an ATOM to your facility and elevate your brand. The ATOM play area offers a fun and unique play experience, giving kids and their families a positive association with your brand.

There are many competitive advantages of including an ATOM play area in your facility:

  • Cost-effective: This budget-friendly, durable play area can last for years to come, giving many young kids memorable play experiences.
  • Compact: The ATOM packs numerous play experiences into a neat space, allowing it to fit in all kinds of locations.
  • Customizable appearance: You can change the powder-coated, curved steel pipe frame to match your brand’s color scheme, fostering a stronger brand association.
  • Tuffnet Barrier Containment: Ensure kids’ safety as they play within the included Tuffnet barrier.
  • Unique, kid-friendly features: Attract families to your facility and promote active play with the distinct play options of the ATOM.

Learn More About ATOM Play Areas From Soft Play

At Soft Play, we’re dedicated to promoting active play and providing fun and memorable experiences in secure play areas. Purchase an ATOM play area for your facility and grow your business with fun that works.

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