Classic Playgrounds

Creative designs, softer materials and safer play environments – those are some of the elements that define the classic playground systems we have been working for more than 30 years to perfect. These colorful, tried-and-true, kid-tested systems provide children with the essential elements to spark their imaginations, and enhance their play.

Explore our various play options that can be purchased as rendered, or they can be used as a guide to design your own playground. The play options are designed to give you an idea of the breadth and depth of our product line, and to serve as a guide when you are ready to make your own playground purchase!

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel With Traditional Playgrounds

Why mess with a good thing? Classic indoor playground design has stayed the same for generations for a good reason. Classic designs have stood the test of time and are still a big hit with kids today. And with Soft Play, classic doesn’t have to mean boring. Our creative designs and fun colors make our classic indoor playground structures thrilling for kids.

Soft Play playgrounds have softer materials than most classic playgrounds, making them gentler on kids and more inviting. We’ve also updated traditional playgrounds to ensure they meet today’s strictest safety standards. Our products keep kids safe and ensure you enjoy peace of mind.

Engaging Fun for All Ages

Soft Play traditional playgrounds are designed to be more fun for kids of all ages. Unlike older playgrounds, they have been designed with input from child experts, safety experts, parents and kids. Instead of just being created around classic playground structures, our play areas are made to encourage imaginative and active play. We ensure these structures have the fun shapes, colors and movement needed to let kids really enjoy themselves as they build a lifetime of memories.

These playgrounds are designed to get kids moving, so they develop fine and gross motor skills as well as balance and physical strength. Since the playgrounds make movement fun, they can help encourage a lifelong love of physical exercise, promoting an active lifestyle long after kids grow out of playtime. Our play structures are also designed to encourage creativity and imagination as well as social and individual play. Children can create their own games, imagine themselves in different situations and even come up with imaginary worlds and creatures to make playtime even more exciting.

And let’s not forget that classic doesn’t mean inflexible. You can work with the Soft Play team to create a customized play space. Using classic playground elements, our team can work with you to create an innovative twist on play to create a playground that meets your needs and fits your space. Just reach out to one of our experts, and we can get started on creating your customized solution for play.

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