Sculpted Foam

Indoors. Outdoors. Water.

Kid-approved. Family inspired. Our extraordinary commercial playable art sculptures transport kids to a fantastic world. Add a signature element to an existing play area or transform an entire space.

Eye-catching sculpted play for every location

Captivating commercial sculpted play pieces that add a bit of magic to your business

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Playable Art Sculptures that Stand Out

Big imaginations need life-sized play. Whether that’s in the water, outside, or indoor play areas, our larger-than-life sculpted foam play elements spark the imagination. Choose from our pre-designed play elements or work with our design team to create custom creations unique to your brand.

Build Your Indoor, Outdoor, and Water Play Areas with Sculpted Play Elements

If you’re new to the magic of sculpted play areas, you’re in for a treat. These custom designed play features can transform any indoor kids’ playground into a truly extraordinary space!

  • Play for Ages 6 Months and Up: Don’t forget about your youngest visitors! Many times young kids feel left out at playgrounds or play areas designed for older children. Make sure all of your visitors have safe and engaging play areas by adding sculpted foam play pieces.
  • Incredibly Durable: Our sculpted pieces are designed to withstand even the most high-use environments. Whether you’re looking at indoor or outdoor pieces, our pieces hold up for the long term.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Rest easy knowing that your play area will provide incredible play experiences for kids while requiring minimal maintenance efforts on your part.
  • Makes a Memorable Impression: Whether you add one signature piece or install an entire sculpted play area, our imaginative play sculptures stand out to families. Kids will be begging their parents to take them back to the place where they scaled the turtle, drove the Mars Rover car, or walked along the alligator’s back.
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