Themed Hanging Sculptures

Themed playing areas transport kids to engaging settings from timeless stories. At Soft Play®, we create custom playgrounds inspired by Candy Land, the Wild West, medieval castles and many other imaginative lands. Our whimsical play areas keep kids engaged while parents, caregivers and other adults do business or take a break.

The most detailed play areas often have surprising elements to delight kids and adults alike. At Soft Play, we can hang sculptures from the ceiling and structural elements of the play area. Hanging sculptures add more color, depth and visual appeal, which has a tremendous impact on your playground and your business.

Benefits of Themed Hanging Sculptures for Play Areas

Realistic playground themes like Airport, Ski Resort, and Farmland can complement your business. An aquarium with an Under the Sea playground, for example, becomes more immersive and offers more opportunities for kids to connect and play. In this example, we can hang sculptures from structural elements to create fish to look like they’re swimming through an underwater paradise.

Eye-catching hanging sculptures are crucial elements of any themed play area. Attract attention to your castle-themed playground with a colorful dragon or other mythological creatures. At Soft Play, we specialize in designing custom playgrounds, and the possibilities for themed hanging sculptures for play areas are endless. Add snowflakes to your Ski Resort playground or brighten the sky with glittering stars in your recreational area.

Financing Your Custom Design With Soft Play

A unique play area attracts more people to your location. Having a playground on-site can appeal to new audiences and keep guests at your business for longer periods of time. At Soft Play, we design and produce custom themed play areas at competitive prices.

Soft Play also offers comprehensive financing solutions. Our special lease purchase programs are ideal for businesses wanting the convenience of keeping their financing in one place. Soft Play financing solutions can help you enjoy the benefits of a custom playground as soon as possible.

Other advantages of financing your play area through Soft Play include:

  • Updating old and outdated play areas.
  • Affordable monthly payments so your business can enjoy a better play area, even on a budget.
  • Small payments over a long period of time to improve cash flow.
  • A high return on investment (ROI) without changing how your business operates.
  • Potential tax incentives.

Designing Your Soft Play Themed Hanging Sculptures

Our playground experts are here to help you through the entire design process. Let your imagination run wild! What theme will make your play area come alive? Is there a setting that connects to your business? As you’re imagining your custom play area, remember, Soft Play can create themed hanging sculptures to complement our playgrounds.

At Soft Play, we create immersive environments to engage kids in active play while their parents or caregivers do business with you. With years of experience, we know how to design playgrounds to boost business. Soft Play is the oldest provider of contained playgrounds, and we’ve supplied turnkey playgrounds to commercial properties for over 30 years.

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