Indoor Play Equipment for Toddlers

Big Fun for your Littlest Visitors

Soft Play® offers a range of commercial indoor playgrounds for toddlers. Even though many playgrounds are designed for children of all ages, there are several benefits to offering commercial toddler playground equipment designed specifically for younger kids:

  • Toddlers are safer away from older kids. Younger children are still developing balance and may not be as steady on their feet or as fast as older kids. Older children playing around younger ones can accidentally push them over or cause them to topple. Our indoor gym equipment for toddlers allows younger kids to play with others of their own age, which is safer.
  • Age-appropriate play equipment is important. Indoor jungle gyms for toddlers are designed to encourage development in children under the age of five. Gyms and play spaces for older kids may not be as accessible or as appropriate for younger kids. At such young ages, children are developing rapidly and need age-appropriate play equipment to help shape their development!
  • Indoor play equipment for toddlers appeals to toddlers. Gym equipment for older kids may not entertain younger children. Equipment designed for toddlers has softer edges and brighter colors specifically designed to attract this age group.

Soft Play Offers a Range of Indoor Play Structure for Toddlers

Soft Play brings you:

  • Accessories. Accessories such as fencing can make your indoor playground equipment for toddlers and can prevent younger children from wandering off. Just like all our equipment, our accessories are made to be bright and colorful as well as durable.
  • Independent Events. Independent systems are all-in-one offerings for toddlers which are easy to set up and budget-friendly. Instead of creating a whole playground, just set up this indoor toddler play equipment and watch younger kids have a great time playing!
  • Play Panels. Interactive activity panels let children make music, learn counting, play tic-tac-toe and more. These panels are great as part of an inclusive play area or can stand alone as a fun and safe play area for toddlers.
  • Sculptures and Forms. Big, colorful sculptures in the shape of hippos, dinosaurs and more attract children and let them engage in creative play, while also serving as fun, safe climbers. They offer lots of different types of play for tots.
  • Sprouts. Sprouts are basic shapes which act as play equipment. Younger children can climb on these shapes, use them as slides and more. Because they’re open-ended pieces of infant and toddler playground equipment, they can be used in multiple ways, adding to the versatility of the equipment.

If you need toddler commercial play equipment for your business, look no further than Soft Play. Known for interactive toddler indoor play equipment designed to deliver skill-building, safety and fun, Soft Play is your one-stop solution if you want to build a play area. Contact us today to learn how we can help provide you with fun, toddler-friendly commercial play equipment today!

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