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With Soft Play®, fun and fitness go hand in hand. Together we can reimagine how families approach wellness, prioritizing it as an engaging family experience centered around your gym.

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Captivating Gym Playgrounds for All Ages

If you’ve been looking for ways to stay competitive in the market, retain members, and find creative ways to increase membership, you’ve come to the right spot! In today’s market, the most successful health and fitness centers are offering creative child play opportunities or childcare to their members.

At Soft Play, we specialize in creating engaging, memorable, and active play spaces that keep families coming back again and again.

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Benefits of Playground Equipment for Gyms

Installing play areas at your facility helps you attract more families while increasing their ability to return regularly to work out. Parents rest easy knowing that their kids are safely enjoying a healthy play experience while they workout. Enjoy the added benefit of members creating regular experiences centered around your gym, sparking interest in children continuing to go as they get older.

  • Safety: Each piece designed and manufactured by Soft Play is created by engineering experts and is carefully tested for safety, ensuring you’re providing your clients with safe and secure fitness and play solutions.
  • Quality: Made from high-quality components, Soft Play’s jungle gyms are designed with exceptional detail and craftsmanship.
  • Durability: Soft Play equipment is made to last. It can withstand many hours of play and hundreds of children climbing all over the equipment. It will continue to look great year after year, making it an excellent long-term investment for your business.
  • A fun indoor play gym: Soft Play starts designing with the concept of creative and fun play in mind. We make sure children are happy and looking forward to trying your jungle gyms or playground.

Whether your space is big or small, there is a noticeable difference when an inviting, colorful playground is luring parents and children to your health and fitness center. Make no mistake: playgrounds can power your business through increased traffic, increased memberships, repeat traffic, and strengthened brand loyalty.

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The Children's Play Gym has been a major draw for our new facility. It has allowed our YMCA to better serve our childcare participants, families within our YMCA, and also schools within our service area. The Play gym has also been an unexpected revenue producer through our rental program. As a Program Director this equipment is a very valuable tool. We would seriously recommend that YMCAs explore this type of equipment to make stronger connections to both youth and families.

- George Mueller, Executive Director & Troy Curtis, Senior Program Director, YMCA, Camden, Maine

I wanted to express how pleased I am with the performance of the Soft Play playground I purchased for my business. I am very satisfied with the increase in sales, as well as by the comments of my customers. Kids enjoy playing in the park, and parents appreciate the security of the excellent visibility of the playground's design. I would recommend Soft Play to anyone looking to add a play environment to their business.

- Luc Harvey Dorion, Quebec

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