Soft Play and PLAYTIME Merger Announcement

Here at Soft Play®, we’re thrilled to announce a merger with PLAYTIME, a fellow innovator in play equipment. PLAYTIME will operate under the Soft Play brand, allowing us to combine the strengths of both organizations and expand upon the solutions in our portfolio. Both brands have similar outlooks when it comes to helping kids feed their imaginations, and we look forward to supporting your guests with exciting new products and practices in the future.

PLAYTIME and Soft Play

The Soft Play and PLAYTIME merger is a melding of the minds that offers great benefits in the world of play. Currently, these are two sister brands under the parent company of PlayPower. Now, we’re putting two industry pioneers under one name and creating an even greater selection of products, services and support for our customers.

Soft Play is based out of Huntersville, North Carolina, and is a world leader in contained playground equipment. More than 60 countries take advantage of our exciting play experiences across various indoor spaces, like restaurants, family entertainment centers, shopping malls, museums and churches. We focus on providing a safe, custom environment for kids to enjoy that also leverages strong manufacturing processes and customer-focused support in our commitment to excellence.

Halfway across the country in Englewood, Colorado, PLAYTIME has made a name for itself as an industry leader in sculpted play structures. The company has been a part of PlayPower since 2018. Since then, it’s been bringing fun and exciting thematic play to both indoor and outdoor environments, engaging kids’ imaginations and encouraging new play styles in safe, fun and clean play systems.

By combining the strengths of these two powerful brands, we aim to become your one-stop shop for a range of adventurous, themed environments and attractions. In fact, we’ve already worked together many times on projects like:

  • Planet Play at the Kennedy Space Center.
  • Paw Patrol Adventure Bay at the Mall of America.
  • American Dream in New Jersey.

Our custom solutions, now with the help of the PLAYTIME team, can help you further your business through bold designs and themes that truly engage the imagination to get kids moving and thinking. These play systems are a great way to boost foot traffic and create a high-quality experience that parents and children carry with them long after they’ve left your facility. Bring more families through your doors and support your organization with a positive return on investment, financing options and the top-tier team at Soft Play.

Learn More With Soft Play

Immersive play can be a game-changer for kids and their families. Soft Play can deliver that experience with professional support and installation while meeting the unique needs of your organization. Browse our products online to see the full range of Soft Play systems, from contained playgrounds and toddler play areas to adventure experiences and thrilling custom designs.

To learn more about what the Soft Play and PLAYTIME merger brings or how Soft Play can be your turnkey solutions provider, contact us today!

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