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Brent’s Place: Healthy Play for Healing

Brent’s Place is the only Children’s Hospital Colorado approved Safe-Clean housing facility for immune compromised patients and their families, providing a living environment and healthy play opportunities that are essential to healing and recovery.

Over a decade ago, Soft Play Founder Mike Evans met a man named Donn Eley, whose son Brent had passed away in 1988 due to complications with a rare and aggressive cancer. Donn and his wife, Linda, had launched a foundation in their son’s name and were running a “safe clean” home near Children’s Hospital Colorado called Brent’s Place.

Since then, Soft Play has donated on a monthly basis to the home, including gifts of supplies, volunteer time, cash contributions, staging a team for the home’s annual fundraising run, and many other efforts.

The biggest gift of all: a healthy outdoor play area.

“For a child who undergoes bone marrow transplant, there is a minimum two-year recovery,” says Rachel Wool, Brent’s Place Community Engagement Manager. “That’s two years during which these kids can’t go to playgrounds, school yards… no place with large gatherings. Imagine telling a child that they can’t visit a play area for two or three years.”

Soft Play’s soft play elements are certified antibacterial, making them safe for even the most vulnerable immune systems.

“Parents will actually drive an hour or two hours to play at our playground because it’s the only place their child can play,” says Wool. “I believe we have the only safe-clean play area in Denver, maybe the entire Rocky Mountain region.”

In addition to the outdoor playground, Soft Play employees collect donations every month for Brent’s Place. The “Soft Play RUNNERS” team participate each year in the Brent’s Place Kid’s Cure for Cancer – 5K Run/Walk and Motorcycle Rally to raise money and support Brent’s Place. And at Christmas, instead of mailing gifts to its clients, the company makes a cash donation to Brent’s Place in honor of each client.

Join us in supporting Brent’s Place – make a donation here.

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